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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia (The album of a generation!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. She's really giving us Future Nostalgia.
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  2. This is the rumored list of new songs on the Moonlight edition:

    That Kind of Woman
    We’re Good (with a video)
    If It Ain’t Me (Solo)
    New song with a feature

    Very LQ version of We’re Good leaked some weeks ago and it doesn’t sound like anything on the main tracklist.
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  3. Poor Normani.
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  4. I wonder what'll happen with Love is Religion? I always preferred That Kind of Woman but the former seemed to be something of a fan favourite.
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  5. Of course what it took to finally get "If It Ain't Me" released was to remove Normani.
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  6. So that Moonlight edition will be released instead of Side B album?
  7. Her saying Studio 2054 The Live Streamed Performance is giving me reputation STADIUM tour ññ
  8. If It Ain't Me, Ball And Chain and Berlin Summer all should be there as all of them fit perfectly on Future Nostalgia.
  9. The original needs to be released even if will just be a japanese bonus track.
  10. It was registered back in September and Dua mentioned in a interview that we “didn’t hear the original version yet”. So I think it will probably come out.

    Berlin Summer is from DL1 sessions.
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  11. A Dua Lipa feature is just too low-rent for the industry-conquering queen of magazine promo and imaginary diamond discs.
  12. But we need the original version of Love Is Religion!
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  13. Yeah as @Grins said I think it’ll find it’s way out somehow. A shame it’s not on this though - feels somewhat of a lost opportunity to not throw that and a couple of the other fan fave leaks on and maximise her streams some more. We’re Good isn’t anywhere near as good (ddd) as Love is Religion, Jealousy or Ball & Chain (in their respective demo forms).
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  14. Normani found left... on Earth... one and a half years ago!
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  15. It seems like that Moonlight Edition will be something along the lines of the Edition Française or the FN + CFN two-disc release, and that the "real" B-side album will be something separate.
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  16. Not the case, unfortunately. She said she was shooting a video for the B Side single - which turned out to be We’re Good. The Moonlight Edition is ‘Side B’, which seems to have been a poor choice of phrasing.
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  17. I’m still a little shook at how great of an album title ‘Future Nostalgia’ is.
  18. Still manifesting this:
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  19. It's just another name for the same thing no?
  20. This has been living rent free inside my head for days now and I am perfectly at peace.
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