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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.


  2. We should keep a running list of people she's worked with in the OP -- Greg Kurstin, Andrew Wyatt, Sarah Hudson
  3. That feels like a lot of responsibility, so as the poster of this thread, I'm going to delegate that task to you :)
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  4. I'm not expecting this until at least Q3 next year but we're #blessed, after all the trauma we went through pre-New Rules, that she's actually going into the second era as a potential big pop girl.
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  5. I just hope that it’s out sooner rather than later. Maintain that momentum, Dula Peep.
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  6. Yeah from early this year:

    Dunno of these were for the rerelease tho?
  7. Also, excited for that potential Ariana feature!
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  8. I need this Rosalía collaboration to come to fruition.
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  9. God the amount of potential for this to be something amazing makes me quiver. Please don’t destroy all your momentum and goodwill, Dora. C’mon we deserve this.
  10. Add Max Martin and Tove Lo to the list. She also made a song with Ariana (Bad to You) but I think that was for Ariana's album and it was scrapped.

    We also have a snippet from the Jamaica sessions, a MNEK production.

    No, all the rerelease songs were super old.
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  11. Isn't she also working with Mark Ronson for this or did I make that up?
  12. But I read at the time that they recorded more than one song, so that snippet could be the leftover track
  13. A second album thread? It’s been been 84 years etc.
  14. I just know this will vary from good to great. The debut was a very satisfying record inspite of all the label mishaps/involvement; I can only assume that now she has much more control over the material she's working on - I trust Dua a lot when it comes to her pop instincts as her taste is quite goood. Perched.
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  15. This could be absolutely huge, I'm so excited for her. She's working with Ian Kirkpatrick too.
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  16. I really hope they get a move on with this and don't take ages.
  17. Did we ever figure out whose album it was intended for? I feel like Music Mafia said they were only selling it because it wouldn't be used
  18. Wasn't the Ari/Dua collab meant for the last 50 Shades film?
  19. Oh.
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