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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia / Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. It doesn’t seem like she’s doing another edition, and there’s no rumours of another one at least of now.

    But she has said she has no plan to drop DL3 until 2022 but she intends to drop new songs in the near future/next few months, but I figure they’ll be standalone.
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  2. If her plan is to hold off the songs and release them in a future edition, I guess she can take a rest and move on to the next album now cause everything has either leaked or is already soon to surface.
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  3. I know we're not the biggest fans of We're Good around here, but I just had a bop session in my car to this album again and honestly, I kind of stan the song. I think it's a combination of the melody and the sentiment. I get a little exhausted by how dramatic pop breakup songs can be, and it's refreshing to lose yourself in that fantasy world Dua creates where you can just say "We're good" and that's that.
  4. Coming next week

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  5. I feel like We're Good was released to test the waters of how much they can deviate from the Future Nostalgia sound for the next album. Wasn't it given a radio deal?
  6. Imagine if they'd tested the waters with a good song. Instead they released a lobster.
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  7. I really feel like we dodged a bullet with We're Good flopping.
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  8. I finally heard Love Again on the radio and I'm ready for it to just dominate now.
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  9. Love Again is going viral on tiktok, here comes the smasha.
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  10. As the one to swing first at the hornets nest, I have to say Dua took what could have been an awful situation for her and by being a loving person has given herself another career boost! She probably got a bunch of Beckies to check out the solo version giving the already behemoth hit even more legs while showing up as an ally. Every article I’ve read about Da Baby has mentioned Dua disavowing his statements so even if we all can agree she is not responsible for the words or actions of an another adult, she has been able to succeed by defending the community that has supported her!
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  11. Dab Aby deleting the """apology""" from his instagram...it was pointless and forced to begin with but he apparently couldn't even deal with having to do that
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  12. Love Again coming for that top 10 status this Christmas!
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  13. Love Again entered her top 10 most popular songs on Spotify
  14. Even greek radio started playing Love Again and they never jump on early hits unless there's a label push...
  15. It's just fascinating how everything she releases this era becomes a radio hit, even Hallucinate, Prisoner, and We're Good. We love to see it.
  16. She has the voice and sound of mainstream radio the past couple of years hasn't she. We had This Is Dua Lipa on shuffle in the car and literally everything as great.
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  17. Albanian Rihanna™
  18. Dua's This Is playlist really is a collection some would wish their Greatest Hits would look like five albums in.
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