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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia / Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Every white family in Middle America:

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  2. Sis has had probably the biggest and best pop era of my lifetime and still hasn't sold out her arena tour. I just don't get why the GP aren't on board with pulling the trigger to see her live.
  3. Covid? I have a few friends who are waiting to buy tickets because of the constant push back of dates.
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  4. Because the global pandemic means said arena tour may not even happen until like 2024?
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  5. Yeah, I think it's one thing if you're a super established act who has a great reputation as a live act and a devoted fanbase who will automatically just buy up tickets regardless of circumstances, but for an act like Dua where people have really only started to properly jump on board in the last 18 months you're relying on casuals, most of whom are thinking "I'll only buy tickets when I can be 100% sure it goes ahead".

    I bought tickets to her streamed concert and loved it, adore the album but haven't yet bought concert tickets because I have no clue when it will actually go ahead, and I think tickets will be available up to the point that we actually see other artists' tours being held.
  6. Tea – but I'm just surprised there's been such a lack of consumer confidence in this tour in particular, and it wasn't shifting months before Covid too. Maybe it's just the multi-pushbacks that are really putting people off here, I've no idea.
  7. The second these shows have any slight chance of going ahead, I'm buying that earlybird entry front row Like Sleeping and Cocaine: VIP Hot Ticket Package. Till then, I refuse to leave any of my money in AXS rescheduling hell dddd.
  8. Nothing is certain, of course, but I think the April dates will likely stick at this point. With small to medium-sized gigs already returning now, I can't really imagine arena shows are going to take another three years.
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  9. She's not an established touring act yet and Future Nostalgia wasn't even out before Covid!
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  10. Future Nostalgia tour was announced early December 2019. And at that point only one single had been released. Covid debuted February 2020. The initial sales were soft-ish but there's no doubt a tour announcement once the singles had started smashing would have resulted in a sell out. We'll never know I guess.
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  11. A classic.
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  12. My goddess, the SLAYAGE!
  13. Am I correct in assuming it's an almost-lock at this point? There's still 5 months left, but bar a gigantic new smash or impressive gains from the rest of the top 10, I don't really see anything overtaking it.
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  14. I find it kind of bizarre Radio 1 have snubbed 'Love Again', it's not uncommon for songs to be snubbed this late into the era, but I thought given the success of everything else that they'd show support for this.
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  15. Ew did I just see cats 69 it i-
  16. RJF


    I maintain what I said a while back about the tour that the announcement of it was one of the campaign's few missteps. She had toured the UK in particular with the debut about three or four times and was coming back relatively quickly off - at the time - only one more hit from the previous time. And then the entire world went to shit and it stopped being something anyone even thought about for two years. Tours benefit massively from that initial hysteria and boom of the announcement. It might be a struggle to recreate that.

    If we manage to make it through this winter without anything going awry, I can imagine a massive push centring on the tour around Christmas. Maybe even a rebrand to make it seem like it's new thing entirely.

    Either way, I don't see us getting out of this year without a new single entirely.
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  17. Cold Heart is out next week.
    Dua, Elton John & PNAU.
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  18. Elton better sound sexy cuz he doesn’t strut sexy at all!
  19. I think at this point selling tickets for a tour supporting a two year old album is a big ask for locals. Do casual fans want to go see an album live in 2022 that was the soundtrack to the first lockdown in 2020? I don't know.

    For me personally I don't mind and it would be a celebratory moment to finally see her basking in this new-found post-Future Nostalgia main pop girl glow, but that's not how my local friends see it. I know they feel very "that album is old now". Gays are fickle creatures.
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