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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. So it looks like PNAU are doing another remix album with Elton and 'Cold Heart' with Dua is the first single. It's actually out this Friday and not next week. It was originally intended to feature The Kid LAROI and samples 4 Elton songs, one of which is 'Sacrifice' which has the lyrics cold, cold heart.
  2. Sacrifice is top 5 Elton.
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  3. It's harder for new pop girls to gain and maintain a touring audience... in general. Takes around 5 years of dominance or so. Historically, the ones that do well also have a big story to sell (unless it's Celine Dion), aside from great music.
  4. I hope that we get a Dua × PNAU collab sans Elton in the future. Every pop girl should work with PNAU.
  5. Very that, LOUD-era Rihanna was selling discounted tickets on Groupon after all.
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  6. I love tours. I live for live music. I still hesitate buying anything. Can only imagine how little the locals are willing to throw money out for that. And as has been said she was selling tickets on the back of Don‘t Start Now alone. I would have bought tickets if that would have only been her debut single because I was so hooked. But again, not what locals do.

    The tour will be fine when it eventually starts. People will want to see all those massive hits that have penetrated their lives for a year live. I am sure ticket sales will actually see a jump right before the shows. Especially since Dua has the bonus of being a frontline runner now with the absolute most other bigger stars not even having anything announced as we speak.
  7. Will they care that the album is 2 years old in the first place though?
    I think if they want to see her and like the singles, they will regardless of when the album came out.
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  8. The pop star space that Dua is occupying will reap the touring rewards maybe two eras from now, still. She doesn’t scream relatable (Taylor, Ariana) or anti-establishment (Gaga, Beyoncé) that makes girls/women want to flock and see her win… at least not yet.

    She’s a hits kind of girl (Katy, Rihanna) and needs more songs to soundtrack people’s pivotal life experiences—proms, workouts, college parties, hookups, etc. for her show to be under people’s “must see.” Pop has the widest reach, but can still be an uphill battle with this stuff, which is why I kind of understand certain girls’ reluctance to label themselves “pop stars”.
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  9. I know I'm still waiting to buy my ticket for the tour, even though it's most likely going to happen next year. I think a lot of people, regardless of what show, will be a bit more wary of booking things now?
  10. I wanted to see her in Milan but I've got war flashbacks from buying Avril Lavigne's tickets twice (and I still have no idea when - or if - that show is going to take place).
    This year I only bought Mahmood's tickets for September but it's a small show in an open theater.
  11. That's what I thought! With Levitating still going strong, I don't know how anyone would be able to take over the top spot...
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  12. I saw her in a bar basement years ago in Birmingham and she was great. That was a crowd of 50! Can’t wait to see her in a bigger venue!
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  13. I have so many regrets about not seeing Dua when she played The Corner Hotel when she toured Australia shortly after the release of "Be The One." I'll never get the chance to see her play such an intimate venue again.
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  14. She sounds great.
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  15. The way I was terrorised by Sacrifice (it was the Old Town Road of that year dd) but I have to admit that sounds amazing. Bopua Hitpa strikes again.
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  16. So many people offloading us with new singles this week
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  17. 2 new songs leaked recently, both really good (Better This Way and Pretend I Don't Exist). Would have been great on the Moonlight edition!
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  18. Cold Heart is out in New Zealand!
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