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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. Hope it smashes like “ily (I Love You Baby)” by Surf Mesa. Radio always needs that one chill bop.
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  2. Cold Heart sounds gorgeous. It’s so chill.
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  3. Cold Heart can be a cute UK hit while it takes 8 months for Love Again to smash in the US.
  4. Icons only.

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  5. Remember when we thought Levitating wouldn’t get it’s just desserts as a single last summer? Now it’s the biggest track from the album. When you do talentry….
  6. It still pains me to think how big Hallucinate could have been as well had it been properly promoted and had its moment at Glastonbury.
  7. Once it's certain the tour will happen, I'd love them to put Studio 2054 on Netflix to promote ticket sales. Or show it on Channel 4 on NYE. I know it's nearly a year old now but it's so good and deserves to be seen by the GP!
  8. “Sweet Tooth”, another Danja produced song for Future Nostalgia, leaked today.
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  9. Makes you wonder the length Danja goes to to safeguard his WIP projects, huh?

    To think Britney’s Take the Bait still has yet to leak...
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  10. As did Hard Days, so we're only missing 1 of the 8 songs they worked on now. We basically have a ~mini album of their work.
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    Pleased to see 'Love Again' become a true hit in the Netherlands. It's #3 this week. For some reason it's doing better than 'Hallucinate', 'Levitating' and 'We're Good' here. It would've been my preferred 4th single anyway but I must say I really underrated 'Levitating' when it was just an album track because it really is a bop.

    What an amazing singles run she's had from this album. Although I think 'We're Good' is rather weak so I still play the original Future Nostalgia album. I'm glad she kept it like that on Spotify without adding tracks.

    Now if she could release 'Cool' to finish the album cycle that would be great.
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    Stop coming for 'Good in Bed' y'all. It's a sing-a-long bop.

    Very happy she didn't to be honest! I heard it on the radio a few days ago and they even played the full song and not a 2 minute radio edit. God exists!
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  13. I didn't mean a single edit. I was expecting a guest artist to be added to the original so that it'd be considered new by streaming services to help it with its playlisting.
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    I knew what you meant! I just thought it's an added bonus they're playing the album version on the radio.
  15. Wait. Why'd you make me like this song?!
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  17. Her voice on Cold Heart is so mesmerizing
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  18. I refuse to listen to the new Elton John collab. I will NOT support Elton.
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  19. The song is gorgeous though
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  20. It’s totally worth it, and I say that as a longtime Elton sufferer also. Something just clicked on this one. The power of Dua, I guess. I’d love to see her work with PNAU more in the future.
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