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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]
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  3. Girls Demeanor just hit me. What a bop.
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  4. XXX


    Singing 'Good in Bed' out on the streets on my way to work today, while the sun was coming up, felt like a proper moment.
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  5. Club Future Nostalgia probably laminated my stan card. The selection of DJs, the samples, the influences... outstanding.
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  6. Try it as the soundtrack to a fresh walk of shame. Iconic
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  7. Yeah, it was just really fucking cool. I’m glad it’s slowly (?) bringing back the art of the BPG remix album. I hope!
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  8. According to a few insiders, she is on Drake's album.
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  9. Run Together - an outtake from Future Nostalgia - leaked. I think this was the last Danja track left.
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  10. The stone cold bop ‘Cold Heart’ is #10 in the midweeks first look, stream and buy ladies.
  11. Ahh, Hallucinate! What a moment! What a rush!
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  12. My current playlist featuring Elton John and ABBA. Not sure if I’m approaching 30 or 70.
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  13. It was an amazing project! So many of the Twitter and YouTube comments were discouraging. People aren't used to remixes that are radical reinventions of songs anymore.
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  14. They played this bop while I was put on hold to customer service. The only time I've been disappointed that someone picked up quickly.
  15. There's a "Cold Heart" remix by The Blessed Madonna coming.
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  16. Messy Twitter queens found sharpening pitchforks.
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  17. Cold Heart is so unexpectedly excellent? Like, how did it even come about and why is it so good? She sounds magnificent on it too, like liquid gold.
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  18. Cold Heart is one of the biggest bops of the year? I'm so glad it's doing well.
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  19. I love it but hate the repetition (and I usually don't care when 2nd verse is the same in songs).

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