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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Tonight!
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  2. Iā€™m up in the fourth tier tonight and just asked if I could exchange for better seats, and was declined. So annoying!
  3. Thank you for this - got two great tickets and on my way now!
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  4. The atmosphere already is god damn electric. I AM STOKED FOR THIS!
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  5. She really does deserve the world
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  6. She was nothing short of star quality tonight
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  7. Never shut the fuck up.

    An absolute superstar, she's only going to go from strength to strength.
  8. She was incredible. I have to echo the comments about the One Kiss/Electricity section feeling like a club. It was so fun.
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  9. The show, as expected, was amazing. What a way to end this era! We can truly say that everything about Future Nostalgia was just top tier pop music, in all the ways.

    The only thing I would change from the show would be to switch Future Nostalgia and Physical in the set list. Future Nostalgia just didn't get the reaction it needed too towards the end of the show.

    I would have also removed We're Good (although the lobster on stage was cute) and replaced with something from Album 1. But honestly, what a show.
  10. Phew what a show. Everyone from 6 to 60 were there. Just PACKED.

    Only thing I would laugh at is the amount of flop fans in my section that left before the encore - like Ms. Dua will be performing Don't Start Now when she's performing at the nursing home for the other residents. How could you leave having not heard that?!
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  11. She was absolutely phenomenal tonight. The section of the floor I was in was LIT and everyone was getting their lives to every song. One Kiss/Electricity went off as expected but my highlight had to be Don't Start Now - truly the biggest BPG song of the last 5 years. A victory lap if I ever saw one.
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  12. Sensational.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

  14. Same. Can't wait to attend the event of the year.
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  15. Such a great night from start to finish. I've never seen the O2 so packed so early. The support acts were well received and maintained a great atmosphere all the way through. I felt like I witnessed a huge pop moment.

    Dua oozed star power the whole time and every single song sounded like a huge hit (well, apart from We're Good. But even that worked to take the pace down a bit).

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  16. ADM


    A pandemic fling of mine was standing with a group just a few people over from us towards the end and he came over and said hello, I didn't hang around too long because he kind of dumped me (HA!) but they left just before DSN, and we took their spot front and center. Low key full circle moment hearing some of the lyrics too. It was giving my very own teen movie main character moves on at the end of the movie.
  17. Overall, I thought it was a very good show indeed. As many others have said, I think there was a heightened euphoric element of it really feeling like the closing of a chapter (in a variety of capacities) - definitely one of the most joyous shows I've ever attended.

    Dua has absolutely stepped up her performing in every metric imaginable over the past few years, and has definitely earned her status now performing on this kind of platform. The show, whilst visually engaging and exciting, didn't swallow her, and she hit every mark she needed to. Vocally, she sounded great too, and her backing vocalists blended with her so well. In terms of a 'next level', whilst her performance was technically very proficient, I'd love her to really let loose and inject a bit more grit into things - show a bit more personality/spontaneity on stage. I completely appreciate that she was likely very nervous performing in her home city, and I cannot fault what she did - I honestly just think the best is still yet to come! With more albums/tours under her belt, she'll really be able to have even more confidence/fun with things. It comes with time.

    I generally concur with others' opinions on what went down particularly well. Physical, Be The One, One Kiss, Electricity, and Hallucinate particularly popped off - the latter has actually been lower on my list of tracks from the album, but it really stood out last night. The audience was so behind it, and she felt the most free on stage. Even though Act 2 was definitely the weakest setlist-wise, the arrangements of the songs did a lot to lift pretty meh songs into something genuinely enjoyable.

    Levitating was the only slight disappointment. As others have mentioned, having her confined to the floating cage didn't really allow her to perform the song (reminded me a bit of Delicate on Taylor's last tour), which should've received the bells and whistles treatment given that it's amongst her top 3 biggest hits, and its important positioning within the show. I probably would've liked if the show had a slightly more focussed theme throughout, but that's a very minor complaint - it was still an absolute spectacle. The lowering of the lighting rig during the 'club' section was a genius move in making things feel super intimate.

    Across the board, this was a tight, fun, and exciting show, and having so many hits off the album really would've made anyone less familiar with her work believe that she had 3/4 albums under her belt. What was perhaps the most exciting element though was the promise that it showed from her as a performer in the future - this first outing on a major arena tour was incredibly solid, and I truly believe the only way is up.
  18. Cant believe Im actually going to see her in a few hours after more than 2 years of having the tickets. What's the consensus on GA, is it better to stand in front of the main stage or just behind the B-stage by the catwalk? Does she spend a lot of time on the catwalk?
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  19. The B Stage has the insane Club Future Nostalgia/One Kiss/Electricity section. For that alone I'd stand just behind.
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