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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. She also toured AFAS where the early signs were there already.
  2. Hulu (Disney+ worldwide) is going to stream Lollapalooza, so we have a somewhat confirmed professional recording of this tour on the books!
  3. I couldn’t make the UK dates and was resigned to the fact I would miss this show.

    However I just couldn’t handle the FOMO any more. I’ve only gone and booked to see her in Oslo!! Never been to Norway before. No popstar has made me get on a flight before. Her power.
  4. Ι need a proper recording of the whole production the show is too good for a festival stream.
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  5. She has a song that also features Young Thug on Funk Waves Bounce Vol. 2 according to usually reliable ATRL user. There's a music video ready for it too.
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  6. According to The Sc*m, she’s joined the Barbie movie.

  7. Not her clicking in Hollywood too!
  8. She had her 50th show of the tour last night and it was my show in Zurich.

    It was amazing. Friday night, hottest day of the year so far and Dua made it even hotter.

    I know she is a superstar but I still sometimes think she is just an insider tipp. So to see the whole audience sing every song (album tracks for example) at the top of their lungs was beautiful.

    You deserve the world Dua.

    Also shoutout to Griff who was great too as the support act.
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  9. YES
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  10. She just never stops clicking
  11. I’m at the arena and the pre-show playlist is killing me. Bop after bop after bop!

  12. If Calvin x Dua 2.0 is even a fraction as good as One Kiss, we will be eating all summer long.
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  13. That teaser he posted sounded promising, so I'm perched for this
  14. I know there's postings echoing the same sentiments again and again for every time someone visits the Future Nostalgia Tour the first time, but still I'm gonna do it. Tonight was nothing less than magical. I screamed, I sung as loud as I could, and danced (almost) the whole way through the show. And my heart is so incredibly full now afterwards.

    I'm also really greatful to @Vasilios for pointing out where to stand (it might have been noted a few times before that in here already). The clubbing-section was simply amazing and Electricity is one of her very best songs. I might have lost my voice at that one.

    I can't wait to see her next moves. It's all so very exciting!
  15. Tonight was perfect.
    The whole show felt like a greatest hits night and I can’t remember a better section of any tour right now than Future Nostalgia’s Act 1. Relentless.

    The club section was another highlight obviously but my personal favourite of the night was Be The One! I’m not a crier but I did shred a tear during the number and I feel like I wasn’t the only one. The crowd went like crazy for it!

    Oh, and what a beautiful woman Dua is.

    Despite posts in this very thread I felt like the second act killed the monumentum just a little bit but it was understandable her and her dancers had to catch a breath after the opening part. The lazily bopping lobster was killing me.

    Some pics from tonight:
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  16. Ok, but how did you feel about Cool?!
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  17. I guess I am not ready for the summer.
    The disco ball set-up was flawless and my friend who doesn’t know the song that much (…) agreed.
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  18. Do we think the Norway set up will be different. I can’t see a catwalk

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