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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. No cock for you!

    (I'm sure it will be there just shorter)
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  2. One of the UK dates I went to was Cardiff and the shorter catwalk (and lack of the Levitator) was truly a blessing. Prepare yourself for the full Levitating choreography - which is incredible.
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  3. I cannot WAIT!!
  4. Hearing the actual Dua Lipa refer to herself as Dula Peep… I could not love her more. Her sense of humour is just it
  5. The Club Future Nostalgia may be the best one for me, she really transforms an entire arena into an electro-dance party.
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  6. Boys will be boys but girls will be women
    Boys will be boys but girls will be women
    Boys will be boys but girls will be women
    Boys will be boys but girls will be women

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. It's been almost 24 hours and I'm still on such a concert high. WHAT a show, she completely blew my mind (mwah) and this was – without exaggerating – one of the absolute best shows I've ever witnessed. Only THE female alpha Dua Lipa!
  8. Honestly I’ve seen this tour twice in the last month and I’m still on such a high from it it’s been difficult not to book to see it a third time.

    From the moment you step foot inside the arena and see the stage, the absolutely banging pre show playlist , Griff being an 11/10 opening act and then Dua herself destroying every fibre of your being.


    It’s hard to describe what this era means. Like most people on here this was the album of lockdown that got us through the darkest of times. To be on the other side of that dancing and singing I don’t think any other show has brought me so much joy.

    I traveled to two new cities for this tour , put myself out there and made new friends all thanks to Dua. I’ll never forget it. Absolutely phenomenal.

  9. This woman's work ethic...Dua stans eat good.
  10. This sounds like a No.1

  11. She has THE voice for this sound. Funk Wav Vol. 1 was a bit of a dud across the board but this sounds like it'll be a fucking dream.
  12. ‘GO OFF QUEEN’

    Me, each and every of the four times I saw her on the UK leg!
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  13. Oh wow. Sounds so good already!
  14. Her voice is just my fucking drug. She always sounds so good. The way she’s kept us fed with new music for like, 6 years? Yes mother!
  15. This sounds amazing!
  16. Funk Wavs was such a long-living little nugget between Slide, Rollin, Faking It, Feels, etc. and I loved One Kiss, sooo... I'm prepared for this to be the summer moment
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  17. Nu-numero Uno
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  18. Seeing her tonight in Milan. I cannot wait!!!
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  19. Sam


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