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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. Catharsis is how I would describe the Future Nostalgia Tour – I saw her yesterday in Lisbon after getting tickets last year and it's the best show I've seen in my life.

    To see her that close was an otherworldly experience...I was transfixed, caught up in a weird moment of realizing that yes...this is the woman that you see through the screen and she's there and she is slayful!!!! It's impossible to be indifferent to her. Dua is flirty, magnetic, her hair seemed to have a life of it's own when she flipped it to the extreme (a recurring, very satisfying thing in this show), she legit seemed like she was having fun and there's no way that woman isn't the most beautiful and stunning human being in the face of the Earth.

    I adored the setlist (even songs like Good In Bed really hit in a live context!), and I'm going to echo a bit what other people said...but my soul left my body when we got to the club section of the show. I can't describe the freedom I felt experiencing One Kiss followed by Electricity – songs that I was dying to see live, I really can't describe the magic of that moment. So so special...those fucking bridges entrancing an entire arena...and then we go into Hallucinate? Bye!! And people died then LIVED when she started doing Be the One, that was a huge highlight as well!

    What a woman. WHAT AN ALBUM. Wasn't expecting a concert to give me some sort of salvation, but I guess that's the magic of an amazing show – it surprises you in the best way possible. I wanna go back!
  2. I was there as well! After seeing her in Los Angeles we wanted to go a second time so bad, and we just so happen to arrive in Lisbon the day of her show.

    So after 20 hours of traveling, and no sleep, we got our bags, showered and went straight to the venue.

    I think this was the first time I understood what going on tour really is. I saw her months ago on the other side of the world, so to be there that many days later, on her 60th show, looking a bit tired but still giving her all: I felt that!

    The show was once again spectacular, and I’m so happy my boyfriend got to experience an European crowd and how much louder we are. It was also fun being around all the queers in Lisbon, since I was already abroad when I came out and missed out on that experience.

    Dula is THE popstar of the moment and her range is unreal considering how jealous my straight brother was this morning.
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  3. Please please don't be the dude I hit with my arm while I was possessed jumping to One Kiss please
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  4. That's three of us - among probably 20k sweaty, shouting people. That was... unreal. I remember poring over the album back in March 2020 and fantasising about how it would translate to an arena or even a club - and that maybe it wouldn't be all that. Well guess what Mimi

    Love Again. Fucking Fever. The panting lobster? I don't know a better creature. I do think the pacing was a bit messy on the first part, but it all worked out eventually. Electricity was just about the best live experience I've ever had. But then that absolutely star-making, laser-drenched rendition of Future Nostalgia. And the entire arena singing Whitney's I Wanna Dance With Somebody on the way out.

    What a joyous night. A tour engraved in pop history.
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  5. "Sweetest Pie" is on another rise?
  6. Isn’t it a thing on tiktok at the moment?
  7. Rise up Sweetest Pie this is just the beginning
  8. You’re doing amazing, sweetest pie.
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  9. Sweetest Pie, like many superstar collabs, didn't live up to the expectations but it is a lot of fun and deserved better.
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  10. Oh yes, I Wanna Dance With Somobody was one of the moments of the night. They knew what they were doing with that one!
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  11. New outfit for her Primavera set. She looks great in this color. The setlist seems to be the same and Angele joined her for Fever.
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  12. Sam


    Dua Lipa main pop girl of the 2020s x
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  13. Not my favourite outfit and it looks as though they’ve packed away the regular stage and are just using the tour version for the remainder of the European leg… that said, it’s still an incredible show and sold out

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  14. Honestly she looks good in everything. Her power.
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  15. I'm sorry but Dua Lipa in 2022 should not be doing a one costume, rent-a-local-stage show on the Future Nostalgia tour.

    These fans deserve better.

    This is a Gaga rents the MDNA tour stage in 2012 / Little Mix Summer Shoutout / Dangerous Woman Australia mess. Worse.

  16. If it means less costs so the gig goes ahead... it's fine.
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  17. Honestly any stage that Dua takes is blessed to have her on it. Who are you lying to.
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