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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. Late night conversations, electric emotions sprinkled with a little bit of sex.
  2. Speaking of Dua's streaming numbers, I'm surprised Un Dia is her 11th most streamed song on Spotify. Was it a hit in Spanish-speaking countries? It's bigger than Electricity...

    Also, I love the fact she's the #5 artist in the world on the platform...

    Top 20 Spotify songs
    1. Levitating - 2.2b
    2. Don't Start Now - 2.1b
    3. New Rules - 1.9b
    4. One Kiss - 1.7b
    5. IDGAF - 1.4b
    6. Scared to Be Lonely - 1.2b
    7. Cold Heart - 1.2b
    8. Break My Heart - 944m
    9. No Lie - 822m
    10. Physical - 803m
    11. Un Dia - 683m
    12. Electricity - 600m
    13. Prisoner - 575m
    14. Be the One - 537m
    15. Kiss and Make Up - 517m
    16. Blow Your Mind - 483m
    17. Love Again - 474m
    18. We're Good - 404m
    19. Hallucinate - 288m
    20. Hotter than Hell - 284m
  3. It's so satisfying seeing Levitating on the top of that list. When a I based my entire pandemic personality on that song and its chart success, whew.
  4. The first pic is an album cover ma'am.
  5. Bad Bunny and J Balvin are absolutely massive on streaming.
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  6. The longevity of all three is more than deserved
  7. Did they stream the set?
  8. The gold bodysuit looks kinda weird. The original is still the best.
  9. No, but tonight she’ll be headlining Rock In Rio and it will be broadcasted on TV! Should be easy to catch an online stream as well. I will try to post here if I find something working.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Happy for her and everything but is the Future Nostalgia tour every going to end ff.
  11. She’s a lock for that category at next year’s Grammys!
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  12. Whole show from Rio is up!

    The crowd singing back every word to her is MENTAL.
  13. I need some HQ photos of the gold Mugler bodysuit. It's giving C-3PO vibes.
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  14. Her Cold Heart performance is making me emotional, so cute!
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  15. What a career defining 3 years (!!!) it’s been for her. I knew the era would be huge after my first spin of Don’t Start Now in the fall of 2019 but I never could’ve predicted she’d blow up to this degree. I don’t even know how she’ll top it with album 3, but she’s so ambitious and really ‘gets’ her fanbase and her own strengths as a pop star so I shouldn’t be too worried!

  16. God, three years already... I'm so dusty
  17. How has it been three years. Any sense that a new era is in sights do we think?
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