Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

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Is there any chance that the boxset gonna sold out soon? I want to wait till the release week and I'm afraid it's gonna sold out. I wish I knew how Limited it is.
Final predictions have Don’t Start Now moving up to #4 on Billboard tomorrow, with only a 3 point gap from #3. Weekly prayer circle, girls.
Another week in the top 5 is not bad, but it needs to go top 3!

I'm pretty sure we had already heard this part of Love Is Religion, although that's probably just an oversight by the person who leaked the snippets since it's too common to pretend to have.
I read that she has performances planned for Physical in the UK, but yeah, I would not be at all surprised if they skipped it in the US, given 'Don't Start Now' will still probably be peaking there in a month when the album is released.
I mean, that makes sense, but God, what a loss it would be.
Well there is one downside to this amazing Don't Start Now Live in LA Remix that I am whoring on Spotify...
Now the Youtbe video mix sounds... weak in comparison so we lost the visual.

First world problems eh, such struggle.

jkjk she's perfect.
I've switched out the original audio track with the new version and it's a near perfect fit. Only a couple of tiny ad-libs don't fully match.
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