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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Now let’s just hope the remixes are as amazing as the originals. Pretty please!
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  2. Since it’s called Club and I don’t know clubs that have breaks between songs I also strongly hope they are one big mix but mixed so good that each song feels complete by itself too.
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  3. The way y'all are just ignoring "PHYSICAL FT. GWEN STEFANI REMIXED BY MARK RONSON" in the official announcement on Instagram...
  4. I had to check whether you had all managed to run up 546 pages on this overnight. She really is the gift that keeps on giving
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  5. Planet Earth, 2020 - Super Dua came to save the human race from their own mistakes.
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  6. Gwen involved in something iconic again? I NEVER thought I'd live to see the day. We need Fergie and Nelly to complete the trifecta of 2006 pop girls, with Confessions era Madonna as their Mother.
  7. I think the poster was talking more about whether or not Blake is going to be on Break My Heart.
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  8. Why would you put this out into the universe.
  9. She's hammer and sickle above the other pop girls, teebs!
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  10. I honestly thought Madonna just randomly collated that photo on her phone, accidentally adding Gwen and Mark, but it all makes sense now, I’m so here for this. This campaign has been such a treat.
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  11. RJF


  12. SCREAMING. This is so apt.

    5 pages to catch up... Did she post something messy or?
    *sees thread title update*
    I am excited
  13. For some reason I read it as Gwen and Blake together and was confused why we were ignoring that we know Gwen isn’t on Break My Heart. Apologies!

    We stan Blake My Heart!
  14. So I woke up scared this morning having dreamt that the world was ending. Luckily it was just a projection of the fear that every other pop act feels right now as Dua is about to release the greatest pop release that ever was.
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  15. This is so exciting my God.

    I've been wanting a slow(er)-jam version of "Pretty Please" (like with The Roots or something) since it came out. Manifesting it.
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  16. God she really is a dom top. Stomp on my neck, Dua.
  17. Wait I'm confused. Is that montage she posted the album cover?
  18. Sgt. Pepper found court-martialled.
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