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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. The Blessed Madonna liked my tweet and I feel blessed.

    (Which also makes me scared that she read the rest of the comments)
  2. After sitting with the remix a little bit - I gotta say it’s excellent and such a daring move for Dua. The remix album is her bid for street cred, a nod to the album’s inspirations and if Levitating is any indication, it will be so trance-y and moody. This wasn’t gonna get any approval from the Lauv-sters and “Ariana yuh um chile anyways wbk” stan twitter but she’s making big moves with this and I hope it pays off. If it educates the younger audiences, even better. Also, from what I’m seeing, this is considered as a white label / DJ / “bootleg” release and they’re not focusing on it for streaming pop formats and radio.

    Madonna not being in the video is a bit of a slap in the face, especially with word on the street that they tried to make it happen and she simply didn’t deliver her bit. And it feels weird to see her perform it in her hotel room. However, I’d say this isn’t the last of them together... the anticipation was huge and we know Madonna loves a clouty collab every now and then. I hope she and Dua physically meet at one point.

    As for the album mix of Levitating, with Hallucinate getting a soft push and this not going to the radio, the album mix could still get a standard single release. Ideally, they’d get Missy and M to do that one as well. Christ, what an era.
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  3. They should send the original to radio soon and it's all perfect this era. The original is a smash waiting to happen.
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  4. Missy ate this.

    I wish the actual instrumental had more variation. It’s a bit too stagnant for me. That being said, it’s still a bop.
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  5. A pretty good mix with the album instrumental on Youtube.

  6. Finally, some good fucking food.
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  7. OMG Madge. I can't
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  8. The power of Madonna and a fan.
  9. I won't be listening to that just because of the hate of the fans with The Blessed Madonna. I don't want them to be happy this time, they don't deserve it.
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  10. We'll see in time if it's just the newness effect but I think I like the remix better the album mix now.
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  11. That mix is well-done but it solidified for me that I prefer the actual remix. There aren't enough differences in the rest of the song to justify keeping the same production. Had that been what I listened to on Thursday evening, I'd have been a bit let down.
  12. I agree. The rap just doesn’t work with the original

  13. I could see that fan made mix working if it was just Missy’s verse added but not with Madonna on it as well....she gets lost in the mix. If that’s what was released I would of been very disappointed especially with it being tied to a remix album.
  14. The fanmade mixes are all cute, I just think it needs something different production-wise for Missy's verse - and the lack of a clear acapella doesn't exactly help matters either.

    I was worried I may have overplayed it in the first 48 hours it was out, but the released remix gets better every time I've gone back to it.
  15. U.K. midweeks

    33 Dua Lipa - Levitating *
    34 Dua Lipa - Hallucinate
  16. I know it divided opinion on here but Un Dia has remained in constant rotation for me; I listen to it on a daily basis, it's like my little escape into another world for four precious minutes.

    "One day you'll realise I'm more than your lover, I'm more than your love, I'm your friend..."

    It's just heavenly and I'm waiting for it to catch on and get the recognition it deserves. Although having said that it has already clocked up 65 million streams in three weeks, so it's certainly found an audience.
  17. How do we not have an official tracklist yet?
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  18. We should soon. I got a preview... there are new songs included on this set.
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  19. Oh wow, oh wow.
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