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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. I think if they counted Love Is Religion mixed and unmixed together it would be Top 3 for me.
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  2. Don’t Start Now my Spotify #1 for 2020, followed by Physical and Midnight Sky
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  3. Physical is my most played song of 2020. Surprising? No.
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  4. I am actually really shocked she was my top artist, I loved the album but I never realised just how much obviously.

    She also occupied my top 3 tracks.

    1. Physical
    2. Don't Start Now
    3. Break My Heart
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  5. "Future Nostalgia," "Physical," and "Levitating" all made it onto my 2020 Wrapped playlist. Exactly.
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  6. I hate that the plays are spread between singles when I play all the time when released, and then the albums come which I play too and in the end both won’t make the end list? Or just some few particular ones... can they fix that next time?

  7. Break My Heart and Levitating were my top two this year, with Break My Heart being played a whopping 267 times. She’s really got me through this pandemic.
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  8. Love Again, Cool and Hallucinate appeared in my top 100, in that order as well.
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  9. Cool, Levitating and Don’t Start Now all in my top 20 not a surprise there.
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  10. Queen of Spotify! Whew

  11. I’m pretty sure the whole of ‘Future Nostalgia’ is in my Top 100, besides ‘Good in Bed’.

    Also, as I thought ‘Physical’ is my most played song of the year. The TASTE.
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  12. Dua was my second most streamed artist and "Physical" was my fifth most streamed song this year—"Fever," "Hallucinate" and "Pretty Please" also appeared in my Top Songs 2020.
  13. She's like...third or fourth in mine, I think, and the Blessed Madonna remix of Levitating is my most-played track of 2020. She is the moment
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  14. 8/11 songs from the album plus the Levitating remix plus Fever were in my playlist. Queen. Although none of her songs made the top 5, Pretty Please was #6.
  15. Literally the only reason why I use Apple Music, it lets me keep my library organized exactly how I like it (editing metadata).
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  16. I found Kylie’s Infinite Disco on YouTube, here’s to hoping Dua follows suit.
  17. The fact my Top Songs playlist includes:
    • Physical
    • Break My Heart
    • Cool
    • Levitating
    • Don’t Start Now (Live in LA)
    • Love Again
    • Love Is Religion (The Blessed Madonna Remix)
    • That Kind of Woman (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
    • Don’t Start Now (Zach Witness Remix)
    • Hallucinate
    • Don’t Start Now
    in that order. Now that’s some redactedtry! Poor Pretty Please.
  18. That's an unofficial upload that'll probably be removed once Kylie's team realizes that one of her fans uploaded it onto YouTube. I imagine that Dua's team will probably sell the broadcast rights to either a television network or a streaming service.
    Justice for "Pretty Please," my sixty-sixth most played song this year.
  19. I’m legitimately shocked it didn’t make mine. Let me send a strongly-worded email to my Spotify contact about this error.
  20. Cool was only my 2nd played song. I've reported myself to the police and you should do the same.
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