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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. I'm just like... what was the point of this all. We're Good is pointless.
  2. The new tracks are either boring (We're Good) or a mess (Not My Problem). the only decent ones are Not That Kind Of Woman (I personally prefer the the Jacques Lu Cont Remix) and If It Ain't Me (should've kept Normani), like she had a punch of great unreleased tracks like Jealousy that would fit the vibe of the album instead of whatever this is.

    And it goes without saying Love Again was robbed of the single treatment.
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  3. Wow half of these new tracks are terrible. I do like That Kind Of Woman and If It Ain't Me. I think my version of Future Nostalgia will include those two plus Fever and Un Dia.
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  4. The sobriety of this forum being put on show by the number not understanding what the coke line means...
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  5. I think it's more that it's a very awkwardly worded line in a boring song though.
  6. Some of us are just trying to avoid another cigarette-gate. The thread has been through enough.

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  7. This is kind of a mess but get those streams sis. “That Kind of Woman” is that girl but even then the remix is a bit better. Alright.
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  8. The message of this Moonlight Edition: go to bed nice and early, girls.
  9. Whew... I'm listening to Not My Problem for the first time. What in the Zara Larsson hell? It's awful.

    Thankful I can still get a standard vinyl because sis really mucked up her album.

    1. Future Nostalgia
    2. Don't Start Now
    3. Cool
    4. Physical
    5. Levitating
    6. Pretty Please
    7. Hallucinating
    8. Love Again
    9. Break My Heart
    10. If It Ain't Me
    11. That Kind of Woman

    .... it was that easy, Dua, luv. There all along. Near perfect album.
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  10. I think all of the new songs are perfectly fine, but nothing more. And when you stack up an assortment of fine next to a line of classics, well...

    Even If It Ain’t Me, which I adored when it leaked & was devastated when it wasn’t initially included, has lost a lot of its luster. I don’t know if it’s the lack of Normani, the odd tracklisting placement, or if having it a year ago before the album was even out made it that much more appealing, but it feels a bit flat now.
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  11. I really enjoy We're Good and If It Ain't Me! I avoided the leaks and I'm glad I did it. That Kind Of Woman and Not My Problem on the other hand... not gonna listen to them ever again.
  12. The dramatics.

  13. Mama, this ain’t it.
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  14. W2K


    It's definitely the lack of Normani for me. I felt like she added another...depth to it that it doesn't achieve with just Dua.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. That Kind of Woman is semi interesting but very void of energy. If It Ain't Me is the best thing here and could be track 10 on the original. We're Good and that other one fucking stink!
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  17. I was feeling this the first time, but I suddenly have no desire to hear it ever again? If If Ain’t Me is great, so is That Kind of Woman. Not My Problem’s chorus is a problem, but the verses are nice, even JID did a good job. Hopefully We’re Good will be a grower, it’s just not exactly a good single option. Cool/Love Again/If It Ain’t Me/(Love Is Religion) we’re right there.

    The whole re-release feels inconsequential, we’ve got nine 10/10 tracks, a 10/10 remix album and this Moonlight Edition is like 6 months too late. If there is another re-release planned (the Love Is Religion omission etc), then why does this even exist? And if this is all, then what was the point?

    I’d have been fine with If It Ain’t Me getting the Fever treatment and tacking Love Is Religion/That Kind of Woman on the end of the album.
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  18. I’m glad I didn’t play If It Ain’t Me more that 3 or 4 times because it’s the clear highlight here. It’s nice to have the original That Kind of Woman, too. Had we not heard the remix first I think it would be more of a standout. She can keep the rest.
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  19. If It Ain't Me is the only one that matches the euphoria of the main album but to be fair, it is an impossibly high bar. That Kind of Woman is also excellent, but sounds unmastered.

    The video being told from the point of view of the only living thing that was glad the Titanic wreck happened is hilarious and kind of brilliant.
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