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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. The song is awful and so are all the new b-sides, except If It Ain't Me which is above average.
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  2. I definitely understand the suggestions that If It Ain’t Me and That Kind of Woman could have replaced the original two final tracks of Future Nostalgia to create a total fever dream, flawless album. However. Whilst I do ultimately stop listening to the album start-to-finish once Love Again comes to an end, Good In Bed and Boys Will Be Boys do kind of make Future Nostalgia what it is?

    I also agree that If It Ain’t Me has lost its sparkle since it leaked last year, though this is potentially a case of Normani’s absence and the year long delay in its release. I wonder if its omission from the original release is down to the fact it feels a bit one-note compared to some of the uptempo songs on the album?

    That Kind of Woman really is gorgeous though, let me listen to that and the two Stuart Price remixes on repeat for an eternity as I float away into an early Noughties, galactic dream world.
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  3. I can't stop listening to 'We're Good'
  4. Maybe I need to listen to these again, because except for (the inferior Normani-less version of) If It Ain't Me, this collection of B-Sides is not doing it for me.
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  5. Not listened to the new tracks yet but 'We're Good' is a bop. I loved 'Harvey's in haiwai' though so I'm obviously a stan for a low key jam.

    Also the video... love it. The close ups on that lobsters face had me cackling.... and the ending.. y'all wanted a twist????? Great

    I hear what people are saying after the onslaught of bangers... but sometimes you have to slow things down a little and work the nips.
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  6. What if you left me here
    And I fill the floor with my sequin tears?

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  7. Not My Problem is objectively in Good Is Bed territory, but I bop because I was mad at my man when I heard the heard leak ddd.
    The way sleeping and cocaine won in the end.
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  8. Yeah, this is such a non-event to me. After all the stellar leaks we heard, this just feels like the label scrambling some shit together. I guess to keep momentum and distract from her being queen hostess of super-spreader events.

    Not My Problem is just insultingly juvenile. We're Good doesn't offend me, but seems very odd as a single choice. But If It Ain't Me & That Kind of Woman do just work on Future Nostalgia, even if they do seem a little lacklustre here.
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  9. Cause it's a hundred off the speak and I've been trying to make a stamp.

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  10. Ah so they chose to release We’re Good’ over ‘Cool’ as the ‘slow down, pallet cleanse’ type of single. It’s fine. It’s fine. Honestly it’s fine.
  11. These We Good comparisons, ladies... Pink? Ava Max? BIG BOOBS??? I think it slaps. If It Ain't Me slaps. That Kind of Woman slaps. Not My Problem... exists.
  12. Yes, yes... team That Kind of Woman, rise up!

    i'll be the first to say "baby, what's your name?"
    cause I want ya, that kind of woman
    hard to pretend, now i can't sit still, let me show ya
    that kind of woman (woman)
    that kind of woman, woman, that kind of woman
    hard to pretend, now i can't sit still any longer
    that kind of woman

  13. These lowkey give me string of label hell singles released between DL1 and Future Nostalgia that are finally getting shoved onto the album. It just feels largely unnecessary.

    That Kind of Woman and If It Ain’t Me are better than Good In Bed and Boys Will Be Boys, though.
  14. Phew, 3 out of the new 4 knock so I'm happy.

    1. Future Nostalgia
    2. Don't Start Now
    3. Cool
    4. We're Good
    5. Physical
    6. Levitating
    7. If It Ain't Me
    8. Pretty Please
    9. Hallucinate
    10. Break My Heart
    11. Fever
    12. Love Again
    13. That Kind of Woman
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  15. Well she wasn't lying when she said these are B-sides.
    That Kind of Woman is the one that works for me best, reminds me of 2009 Ladyhawke.
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  16. The band in the We're Good video playing licherally NONE of the instruments actually in the song is gay rights. The song itself... ehhhh not so much. Dua looks gorge though.
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  17. We're Good is no Fever and that's all I say on it. Why not release If It Ain't Me or That Kind of Woman instead to promote this edition?
  18. That Kind of Woman is beautiful but I don't think it sounds better than the remix, the production feels undercooked during the verses and post-chorus. We're Good... she's a cute B-side, I wouldn't release that as a single when If It Ain't Me is right there and is a lot safer I would say?
    Anyway I'm glad we got this and still pray for Love Is Religion to see the light of day.
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  19. Yeah, lemme join in on the "why the fuck was the original Love Is Religion left on the cutting room floor?" camp especially when the turds Prisoner, Not My Problem, and We're Good were included.

    Being a completionist for this era I will buy this edition on seedee but I'm whelmed with this.
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  20. 'If It Ain't Me' storming BPG 2021, yes I'ma manifest it.
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