Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia + Tour

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She looks like she's taking a dump.

Shitting on your favs etc. etc.

I texted my two friends who stan Dua the day the rerelease came out to tell them to listen to If It Ain't Me (because it's the kind of thing they would love) and both have said they're rinsing We're Good. Not because of this anecdote, but I really do think it has the potential to be a moment for her in the U.S.
This is the lowest she's ever been added on Hot Hits since pre-Future Nostalgia (by some margin) which is probably a big part of why it's not performing so well on U.K. Spotify yet.
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(Gonna) Keep you close, next to me, I won't let you go
(You're gonna) Reminisce that you once met a girl like this
The first to say, "Baby, what's your name?"
'Cause I want ya (That kind of WHOMAN)

I... don't think she needs to worry about overexposure. There's been nowhere to get broad exposure to exhaust the public at large and it's both to her credit and her detriment that Dua doesn't really have a personality that makes waves good or bad, outside of the occasional forty-eight hours of Twitter subsections roasting her for being abroad before moving onto another target.

Like, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift getting overexposed is easy to understand. Dua, not so much. She might be risking it with radio programmers getting tired of her label pushing what is now her sixth single as lead artist in the space of about eighteen months, but apart from that, she's fine. She is a streaming era artist, and a constant stream of content is how an audience is cultivated.
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As much as I'd love Dua to pull a Carly with a full B-sides, (as others have stated) I think it makes sense for her to trickle content until she can tour and I can't complain about anything she's given us. Sure We're Good isn't necessarily as cohesive sonically with our fave's from the main tracklist but it's still a perfectly decent song? Sure there might have been better single choices, but this many singles deep maybe a sonic shift is what they wanted to keep things "fresh"? Who knows? I guess it just doesn't bother me like it does some here. Keeping us well fed after serving one of the best albums and best campaigns of the past 10yrs is enough for me.
The third album will be... interesting. Like, I've been more or less stanning since "Be The One", but I'm still wary of her slipping back into the homogenous slurry of British pop girls where they end up recording complete garbage. She's been stupidly ahead of the likes of Anne-Marie and Rita Ora since "New Rules", but I'd like a complete stunner of a third album to really cement it. I feel like Future Nostalgia was the product of someone who really wanted to curate a sound for themselves, so I'd love to see that ambition remain even if the sound changes... which it will, and the gays will resent her for a thousand years, but still. As long as it's good, I don't care.


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I'd rather she stopped releasing new music just for a minute so that she'll definitely perform the underdogs of the album like Pretty Please/Love Again on tour thanks xx
Waiting to release any new music until she's able to tour again could easily end up being a rather futile strategy, seen as though there's no guarantee of live music restarting this year... or even the first half of next year.

Fuck I miss concerts.
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