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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. It just made me laugh how she played backing singer to a lobster. Dua really said crustacean rights.
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  2. I guess she cared about the song as much as the rest of you.
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  3. My favourite thing about Dua and this in general is that it’s always a case of expect the unexpected.

    If someone had told me two years ago that she would be releasing a sixth (!!) single from her second album and that the video would involve her riding a mechanical bull and dressed in her best Shania Twain / Old Town Road-esque drag, I’d never have believed them.

    But here we are. It’s brilliantly bonkers and another treat from the era that refuses to stop serving.
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  4. This is one of my favourite album campaigns ever?

    Eight singles with eight proper videos? Serving that much budget for video eight? Her power!

    A cowgirl moment was not what I expected for Love Again but yee haw mother, I’m in.
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  5. Love the song so I'm happy it has a video and is officially a single.

    Video looks cool but as most have pointed out - if it's meant to mean something specific I don't really quite get what that is but it all looks very nice.

    She can't really dance, can she but I appreciate the somewhat dance routine too.
  6. Meh. It's not good or bad, just kind of there. She's still finding her footing as a visual artist. She's pretty hit and miss (at least to me) in that department still.
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  7. I enjoyed the Love Eggain video, I'm just not entirely sure what on earth was going on.
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  8. This is like if Gaga released the Applause video during the Joanne era.
  9. I mean technically she’s had 10 videos this era if you include the LA Mix of Don't Start Now (the superior video) and the workout tape/extended mix of Physical (which I’m still crying they never released an official edit for it to stream).

    In any case, she has served the content well and good over the course of the past year and a half!
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  10. Uno


  11. I don’t like the video at all, the theme doesn’t match the song whatsoever. Also I had no idea what was going on. Song remains a banger though so I’m glad it’s getting it’s moment.
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  12. The direction in the dancing scenes is so awkward ddd
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  13. Girl, it was camp! She should've recreated Shania's That Don't Impress Me Much look.
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  14. I've always loved the yeehaw-disco vibes of "Love Again," so it's fitting that she gave it a literal rodeo-clown video to match.

    I'm very no-thoughts-empty-head this morning, but her being saddled with no horse reminded me of the whole getting back on the horse idiom. The whole song involves being ready for a relationship again, yet—as the video suggests—she doesn't have anyone to ride with (or on). However, by the end of the video, she finally obtains a partner.

    While I still keep the album's standard edition (sans "Boys Will Be Boys"), some of the Club tracks, and "If It Ain't Me" in rotation, I clocked out of this campaign around the Moonlight Edition's release, so this video—in all its disjointed yet ambitious glory—brought me aboard again.
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  15. She looks great and the video has a great aesthetic but meh. She looks stiff performing the choreo and the teaser being the final shot was definitely a choice.
  16. Not a video about Instagram’s most liked photo.
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  17. Did they really direct it or was it just rumours?
  18. It was a nice video, yay! Serving fashion and yeehaw.
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  19. She posted that it was directed by Canada yesterday in an IG post but then deleted it and posted it again without the Canada mention.
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  20. Is there some reason the new soundtrack song isn’t available in the US?
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