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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Not a video about being clowned by men again and again and again. Appropriate!

    Visually, it matched all the lux-disco-cowboy notes of the song and her styling for the choreo in particular was fantastic. It was giving gay Westworld when the horse ran rampant inside. This level of budget and effort 19 months into an era is insane and I don’t want it to ever stop.
  2. I loved the video even though I was waiting for the dancing scenes to really pop off.
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  3. Whoa, her body is banging. I’ll leave it at that.
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  4. Why?
  5. Ticking off her yee-haw fantasy? Big pop girl transition complete.
  6. No idea … maybe something happened along the way and they didn’t want to put their name on it? An Edge Of Glory tea.
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  7. An unmatched era opener.
  8. Side note, is there still the slightest chance of Levitating going number one on the hot 100 or has that ship sadly completely sailed?
  9. depends if Dua Lipa Swaziland get more believable US addresses
  11. I'm not going to overthink the concept of a video where the category is: Rodeo Cowboy Clown realness. I'm just going to enjoy it for the visual serve it is.

    By the time this era ends not only will my serotonin be depleted indefinitely but I'll have to consult a surgeon to see if it's even possible to remove a heel that's been implanted in my neck for over a year.
  12. I'm not complaining about "Love Again" getting its time in the limelight, but I wonder what compelled her team to push a track from the standard edition rather than one of the other Moonlight Edition tracks. I know I clocked out for a long while, but did "We're Good" tank that badly? And is there any hope for a single release of "If It Ain't Me" featuring Normani?
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  13. I don’t think any of the Moonlight tracks are all that noteworthy. Particularly over Love Again.
  14. Loving the 'yeehaw queen heads to clown college for not resisting the same trash man' aesthetic, the numerous setups, the choreography, and another round of Canada's (?) stunning cinematography, but the egg? I hate eggs, and I don't get it.
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  15. It didn't tank per se, but the only countries that "We're Good" went Top 20 are Ireland and Lithuania.
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  16. Delivering eggs and clowns when people where expecting disco gives me "why does Alejandro have to be about soldiers" teas. I stan that.
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  17. Everything about the video confirms to me that this is a FALL single and I am currently ready for the SUMMER.
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  18. The video is okay, serves its purpose. But I always pictured something a little different, had this image of her being in the centre of a really grand room, with trapeze artists, masquerade theming throughout - albeit been done to death.
  19. She (or someone from her team) said when the Moonlight Edition came out that they'd be going back to the standard edition to release more singles. I feel like it was just a nice way to keep content coming, incorporate regional releases, and remind the Grammys what's good
  20. Haven't the Irish and Lithuanian people suffered enough?
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