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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. A giant horse instead of the egg would've been stunning and it would have worked so well with the scenes where the horse is running and the rodeo theme. Other than that this is a serve.
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  2. 2014

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    The video was.....very not what I was expecting, but I liked it!
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  3. Don't Tell Me gay cowboy realness with a sprinkle of Applause, but in her own Dua kinda way. I liked it.
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  4. We're Good didn't even really flop in the US, I feel like it sort of did it's thing while Levitating smashed. Locals definitely know it.
  5. Can’t say I’m feelin that video much.....she certainly ain’t no Madonna when it come to cowgirl moves. But very glad to see Love Again get a proper single treatment. Bring on the remixes!
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  6. They said they would be releasing more singles from the standard album before the deluxe was released.
  7. Guess we’re Levitating all summer long
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  8. Also... is the egg supposed to be the moon? Ddd I don’t get it
  9. The egg is the man she is falling in love. The clowns are her different emotions. You can see her embracing what she is feeling at the end. That's my two cents.
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  10. I though the egg represented how fragile she is and how all the men were trying to break her but it never happened. Also a tribute to Rita Ora's How To Be Lonely video.

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  11. 2014

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    What came first the egg or Future Nostalgia.
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  12. The video is extremely boring. It seems like it's building up to something great at the beginning and then is so pedestrian. I would never rewatch but she looks great in it.

    However, the song remains excellent. The melody and production are crazy good. This is what disco-influenced pop is all about.
  13. What other big pop gherl is serving us high budget videos this deep into their campaign? Literally no one else! She is an ICON, she's a LEGEND and she is the MOMENT.
  14. RMK


    It's a well done video. This isn't meant as a drag, but you can tell they'd just learned the choreo.
  15. It does look pretty high budget for a latter era video but it has no energy. And the aesthetic is just very bland.
  16. The dancing setup is so... slapdash? That space felt so empty and random. You can tell it's very much a one-location shoot and they had to make do with whatever room is available in the same building dddd.
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  17. I feel like Cool would've made so much more sense to throw money at for a video. It's literally the perfect timing. This era has been a triumph in many ways but there have definitely been weird decisions in the second half.
  18. The music video is... cute I guess. Definitely had potential to be more interesting but a lot of it is just close ups and low energy square dancing. I appreciate the Don't Tell Me reference though.
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  19. “So many nights my tears fell harder than rain / Scared I would take my broken heart to the grave *violin*” is still such a moment.
  20. Not sure about the Don’t Tell Me but make it clowns video, but Dua looks stunning in it.
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