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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. POP:
    2 2 DUA LIPA Levitating 17191 15601 1590 59.451

    +200 Spins
    +4 Bullet
    +0.683 Audience

    She is going to be #1 next week oficially.
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The way she has something as 11 sounding as Hotter Than Hell in her catalogue yet it's no longer in my personal top 10 of hers, she just doesn't stop!
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  3. I was just out dancing for the first time since March 2020 having the time of my life, then the Boys Will be Boys remix came on and, you know, the night needs to end at some point!
  4. The Zach Witness remix of Boys Will Be Boys literally slaps though….
  5. I need to hear the full “dance” demo of Boys Will Be Boys.
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  6. Love Again is the next US radio single, it's under cool new music.
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  7. Levitating still holding strong at #3 in the US, hitting #1 on Hot AC, and Future Nostalgia spending its 20th week in the US top 10 is nothing short of impressive.
  8. Levitating is #1 on US pop radio.

    Dua's Top 40/M peaks to date:

    #1. "New Rules"
    #1. "Don't Start Now"
    #1. "Break My Heart"
    #1. "Levitating"
    #9. "One Kiss" (Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa)
    #10. "We're Good"
    #11. "IDGAF"
    #13. "Electricity" (Silk City & Dua Lipa)
    #19. "Swan Song"
    #21. "Scared to Be Lonely" (Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa)
    #21. "Prisoner" (Miley Cyrus featuring Dua Lipa)
    #23. "Blow Your Mind (Mwah)"
    #37. "Be the One"
    #41. "No Lie" (Sean Paul featuring Dua Lipa)
    #41. "Un Día (One Day)" (J Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny & Tainy)

  9. RMK


    That puts her in the limited number of pop acts to score three pop radio #1s in a single era. The first album since Selena Gomez's Revival ...
  10. Two game-changing, forward-thinking albums.
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  11. Revival -- game-changing?

  12. So she’s working with Coffee and Sarah Hudson again.
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Now they're just rubbing it in

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  14. Selena Gomez Hungary
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  15. RMK


    Curious if Love Again will take off the way it should. Minor playlisting hasn't really made it move much on Spotify.
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  16. I think Levitating is still just too huge. I wouldn't rule out a slow burn success (is there any other kind in the US)
  17. It was the first post-verbal Pop Album to spawn any US radio hits, to be fair.
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  18. How has “Levitating” NOT gotten the #1 on Billboard yet!?
  19. RMK


    They could've really chucked out Madonna (and Missy if it works) on the original mix for a slight boost in sales.
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