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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Sis said I'm not wasting the best years of my life social distancing.
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  2. I just put on Physical (Director’s Cut) and the whole package is such a 25/10 for me it’s not even funny. Just pure unadulterated euphoria.
  3. Good times.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. No it wouldn’t.
  6. I drove by this club on Friday and told my boyfriend some celebrity had to be there, given the cars parked outside, little did I know it was MISS DUA LIPA!!!
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  7. I lowkey want to know how she's been getting into America over the past year ddd. Like I'm guessing she can pay for some sort of special visa, but I thought all travel from Europe was banned unless you're a US citizen or green card holder?
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  8. She's over there for work, and I imagine whatever work visa she's on permits her to go in and out relatively freely. I remember though at some point last year she self-isolated in St. Lucia before going into the States - I don't know if she still has to do that.
  9. She probably has a working visa like I do as Cabin Crew. As we are working, we can enter the U.S but if I decided to fly over there for leisure I wouldnt be allowed in.
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  10. I am once again listening to Club Future Nostalgia and god I want a full “Hallucinate” remix with that “Another Man” sample

  11. She probably already has a green card, given her massive success it wouldn't be hard to do under the O1 category
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  12. I'd welcome a Jonas Brothers collab before an Elton John collab, tbh.
  13. I got around to listening to the Normani version/demo of "If It Ain't Me". I don't get the hype. She doesn't add much, if anything at all to the production/vocal performance on the song. Dua sounds great on the final mix alone. Am I in the minority?
  14. Elton John is one of the greatest ever but I unfortunately have to agree. His voice is not in good shape. He sounded awful on Sine From Above.
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  15. I'm gonna need Miss Elton and her chronic inability to keep Madonna's name out of her dusty mouth to stay far, far away from Dua
  16. There's no denying that he's an icon or his legacy, but him collaborating with any current pop girl doesn't particularly interest me.
  17. Elton hasn’t had a decent collab since Kiki Dee. The pure desperation.
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  18. Ok, but Elton's recent collab with PNAU actually really worked for me?
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  19. He should honestly just work with PNAU forever because the results are usually really great.
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