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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Dua is set to be revealed as the face of Versace’s 2021 Fall/Winter campaign. Judging by those colours, I’m excited for the fashion she’s about to serve. Also, ginger hair? Yes Dua, live your best Geri Halliwell fantasy.

  2. New Spotify ad featuring Dua, Billie Eilish, Blackpink, Travis Scott & Bad Bunny just dropped.
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  3. She also posted a short version of her section that features “We’re Good”. Must have filmed this when they thought it would become a hit.
  4. Tina Burners impacT
  5. Kinda gutted that that Vogue hairstyle was given such prominence, but, her experimentation with her style is genuinely so exciting to watch.
  6. She likes to serve. She's a server.


  7. Sorry if this has been covered but I've been quietly observing over the last month or so, hoping that everything would become clear, but it has not so I need someone to tell me, please: apart from it being one of the best singles released by anybody in the last couple of years, why exactly is "Levitating" experiencing a second wind in almost every territory in the world? I'm a keen chart follower and haven't really seen this happen before in the digital age unless there's been a new remix or it's gone mental on TikTok. What is the story? There must be one.
  8. Tiktok. It's more surprising the second wind at US pop radio, it's the first time happening, it was recurrent and went back to just go to #1.
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  9. Kimmy Schmidt snapped.
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  10. It's just TikTok, seriously? Wow. It's just returned to the Top 5 today here in Australia as well. It's reached it's #4 peak again. Madness.
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  11. It's the main reason but also I think it never gets old, it's a future classic.
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  12. 2014

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    The Out Of Control of it all!!
  13. Well lots of songs are future classics that never get old but they don't behave like this, and across the world as well. I've never seen a song successfully hit the Top 10 then start to slide naturally out of the chart before hitting the #20-ish position and deciding, "Actually, I'm gonna give that #1 another go" and turn around. It is anomalous and I've never seen anything like it. I'm so glad it's an excellent song doing it now though.
  14. Levitating is on 930m streams now, so will hit a billion within two weeks (original + remix). A smasha.
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  15. The longevity that "Levitating" has had is genuinely amazing. Who would've thought that Single No. 5 / No. 3 in the US that was released eight months after the album was released would still be in the Top 10 of most major markets nine months after its release?
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  16. Sam


    If it ain’t me is still that bitch
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