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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. If I need to buy another ten versions of Future Nostalgia to get Naked officially released, then I will do that.
  2. She needs to service a (fan demanded version) at this point. We will gladly pay again.
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  3. The epitome of talent stanning talent!
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  4. The fact I actually love that title… I’m not even ashamed.

    Plus, she may as well do whilst she’s still unable to tour!
  5. Bad To You ended up leaking. Dua does Normani's verse and her and Ariana do a bridge together in the space that was eventually replaced by Nicki's rap. Same production. Wouldn't have fit on Future Nostalgia and probably likely was never actually in the running for Sweetener.

    We need them to give collabing another try and actually deliver a bop.
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  6. Of course the Dua Lipa/Ariana collab is miles better than what she released with Normani. Their voices sound great together.
  7. The staying power of this song! I saw that it’s broken the record for longest stay on TTH on Spotify?
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  8. I remember when people made fun of her opening numbers.
  9. Well, a great opening is great to brag about but longevity says a lot more about how an artist connects with the general public in the streaming era.
  10. I didn’t realise Levitating was still within the top 10 in America??!! It’s mad how that song is still holding its own - didn’t the video come out like this time last year?!
  11. Let's all start streaming the original again. He clowned us with that good verse but he's just trash.

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  12. Lil Nas X really be making everybody SALTY with his chart smashing gay anthems. Keep thirsty you lessors!
  13. Ive not bothered with the single version in months- I swear I read that DaBaby’s trash somewhere months ago. It’s always the album or The Blessed Madonna Remix for me.
  14. How do we make 'Don't Start Now' her biggest hit again?
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  15. I've only played the single version two or three times. The Blessed Madonna remix is still the second best version of the song.
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  16. What on earth is he on about?!? What does he want you to do if sucking dick in a parking lot???

    Never play the DaBaby version, it's such a crap feature that add nothing
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  17. Glad that the Dababy version has never been my go-to mix. Only streamed it on the week when it had a chance of going to #1
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  18. This rent a rapper can chill.
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