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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Wow. That was horrible.
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  2. I hope Dua says nothing, publicly at least, for the sake of her own career. I’ve no doubt behind closed doors she will be completely horrified by his comments. We all know she would suffer if she was to comment on his disgusting comments / behaviour. Even if not explicitly stated, she would be looked down upon by those running the industry. We’ve seen time and time again how the media loves to punish and blame women for the actions of idiotic and offensive straight men and this wouldn’t be any different.
  3. His response just further clarifying his bigotry rather than apologizing or even backtracking is...something. Yeesh.
  4. This reminds me of the Katy-Migos homophobia dustup with "Bon Appétit." It's unfortunate all around.
  5. You have way too much faith in the general public if you think he'll be 'cancelled' for this, even though he deserves to be. People like Chris Brown and numerous other shitty people continue to score hits.

    It's so disappointing that no-one at all seems to be really criticising him for it though (that I've seen yet anyway). I mean I'm not surprised but...still.
  6. Imagine existing in that crowd as a HIV+ person and having thousands of people around you mocking and laughing at your illness. I can't even fathom how humiliating and crushing that must have felt. This Jerry Mouse sized brain dead fucking loser. I'm angry
  7. tea


    Why is he implying a call to action makes him "the best live performer"? I swear straight men think they're God. No one fucking cares that he told the audience to put their lighters up and it doesn't make him special. Great live performers don't need to intimidate their audience into outing themselves to build energy.

    DalusionalBaby and his bloated ego can take several seats, read a book, and focus on releasing something better than a middling rap song with the same tired flow.
  8. He’s been trash for a while, especially after that video of mocking that flight attendant. He’s also clowned on the regular by hiphop fans for being extremely one note so I doubt his career has much steam left and will be left in 2020, where he belongs.
  9. RMK


    Having someone else hop on a Levitating Remix to write the other off is literally just profiting off a scandal, and would end up bolstering the original remix as well. It makes sense for her to make a statement, only perform the solo version from this point forward, and drop it.
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  10. Yeah, the optics of just making another remix could make things worse for Dua, even though I do love those Megan edits.
  11. Levitating feat. DaWhateverHisNameWas never to be seen on the charts or played on radio again. Sad face, not!
  12. I'm actually shocked to see no other artists calling out Dababy?
  13. Not some of you thinking Dua Lipa cares enough to put out a statement when she's probably going to serve us more bikini selfies and seafood pics for the next week on her sixth big holiday of the pandemic.
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  14. awww I love a good june 2020 throwback moment
  15. RJF


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  16. Hmm I wonder why they removed their name from the 'official' video.
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  17. much better direction. still doesn't fit the song super well, though.
  18. Blaming a woman for a man's disgusting rant that had absolutely nothing to do with her??? The misogyny
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  19. No one did this.

    It’s completely reasonable to hold the assumption that a so-called ally will speak on the matter when it involves an individual who’s attached to their current, massive hit. No one is even expressing particular ire if she doesn’t, rather a deflated kind of acceptance that the label “ally” is maybe applied a bit too quickly to some of the girlies.
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