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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Remember when she interpolated Gimme, Gimme, Gimme into the (already 11/10) Live in LA mix of Don’t Start Now at Studio 2054 and christened herself the greatest woman on earth? Me too x
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  2. Love her work with Comte. This is a toot.
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  3. The imagery and art direction for most of this era is something that continues to floor me. Everything fits its soundscape like a glove and the album cover is still one of the most stunning pictures I've ever seen.
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  4. Another Danja-produced Future Nostalgia outtake leaked and it's pretty good.
  5. Better This Way is serving huge potential, what a monster hook! Sounds like a lost Gwen Stefani or Nelly Furtado classic.

    A polished version of this could be absolutely amazing.
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  6. Wow at her Tiny Desk being the 3rd most watched ever with 44 million views currently.
  7. All these songs in the vault makes the Moonlight edition even weirder.
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  8. So this didn’t make the cut but Not My Problem did????
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  9. The Moonlight Edition was a huge dropped ball, but I have faith some of these tracks were being kept back for a reason and are either repurposed for the soundtrack or her next album.
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  10. 2014

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    I feel like the title track gets overlooked and somewhat unfairly forgotten and I just wanted/needed to say what a complete and utter BOP it really is. The way it basically is the centrepiece of this whole era - it deserves so much!
  11. THIS. I really hope it opens the tour/morphs into the Joe Goddard Remix midway through the performance. A slay!

  12. I've been off the hook about whether her next move would be another re-edition of Future Nostalgia or a new album. Do we know already? I've been holding back from purchasing a physical copy just in case she would put out a definitive collection or something.
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  13. It doesn’t seem like she’s doing another edition, and there’s no rumours of another one at least of now.

    But she has said she has no plan to drop DL3 until 2022 but she intends to drop new songs in the near future/next few months, but I figure they’ll be standalone.
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  14. If her plan is to hold off the songs and release them in a future edition, I guess she can take a rest and move on to the next album now cause everything has either leaked or is already soon to surface.
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  15. I know we're not the biggest fans of We're Good around here, but I just had a bop session in my car to this album again and honestly, I kind of stan the song. I think it's a combination of the melody and the sentiment. I get a little exhausted by how dramatic pop breakup songs can be, and it's refreshing to lose yourself in that fantasy world Dua creates where you can just say "We're good" and that's that.
  16. Coming next week

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  17. I feel like We're Good was released to test the waters of how much they can deviate from the Future Nostalgia sound for the next album. Wasn't it given a radio deal?
  18. Imagine if they'd tested the waters with a good song. Instead they released a lobster.
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  19. I really feel like we dodged a bullet with We're Good flopping.
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  20. I finally heard Love Again on the radio and I'm ready for it to just dominate now.
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