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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. She surely got vaccinated the minute it made it easier to go on holiday.
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  2. I think the blind item wording is purposefully obtuse, and considering Anwar is most definitely unvaccinated I don’t think anything can/should be inferred from whatever happens at the Met Gala
  3. I know for a fact there's an actress who is an online activist posting about the vaccine and is unvaccinated herself.

    I hope this is not about Dua tho
  4. Yeah we had Tsitsipas do greek gov-paid Covid ads and then he came out with 'I'm not 100% sure yet, us athletes don't need it' a month ago.
  5. All these atletes too for the Olympics. I know they only do sports during school but a mess.
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  6. It literally has a New Rules reference.
  7. Sorry I meant to write "I hope it's not true", it's clearly about her
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  8. New rules and one kiss reference.
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  9. The reason she's not at the Met Gala is because she's filming Argylle... it's not that deep.
  10. Anwar is definitely anti-vax so this is not that surprising, but as others have said, seems crazy she wouldn't get vaccinated for touring and travel purposes.
  11. I'm sure her single day of shooting for what's bound to be a cameo could've taken place on another day considering her multi-million dollar Versace contract.
  12. The "Argylle News" were leaked on TMZ the same day she was actually posting\announcing the Versace collab (which would be her "MET Table" tonight) so everything feels a little shady hmm.

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  13. I still get shocked when someone as privileged and with all the resources in the world to do his research like Anwar is anti-vaxx.
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  14. Wait. Gawker is back? I thought that they shut down after being sued for leaking Hulk Hogan's s*x tape.
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  15. They reopened a few weeks ago.
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  16. Anwar is a confirmed anti-vaxxer and Dua missing the VMAs & the MET Gala after the year she's had is a little suspect. I believe it.
    His mom is a nut-job who downed natural supplements & essential oils on national tv to treat her fake Lyme disease. The Hadids are an interesting group of people.
  17. Yeah it's really weird that she didn't do the VMAs. And especially given she announced a US tour today, it'd be a perfect opportunity to create buzz.
  18. K94


    I really hope it's just a case of thats my man and imma stick beside him.
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  19. In Greater Albania, no one vaccine exemption is greater than the other.
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  20. I don’t think she could pull off a world tour without being Vaxxed, insurance companies wouldn’t stand for it.
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