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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. I hate that they didn't do any kind of presale for the US dates, everything is just getting thrown up at once with no pricing info or anything. The newspaper in Tulsa says $48-$132.50 for that venue.
  2. I think it's totally weird they haven't done a presale.
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  3. This Sailor Moon video, my gay heart!
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  4. Learning choreo and make-up artists? Let me buy that dumbass package and fag out.
  5. Perched on Ticketmaster for the Newark show. Hoping it's not a bloodbath.
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  6. Well, everything except second and third tiers are sold out in Newark, and I'm still 2000+ in line for Madison Square Garden.

    I mean, ONE date for NYC? Come on miss Peep
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  7. I decided against this and bought a GA ticket for me and my bestie in Orlando because he's having a hard financial time right now but anyways I truly feel all powerful because I am going to see this goddamn concert.
  8. Snatched some okay tickets for Newark but there really should have been a presale for the top 0.01% of Levitating streamers. MSG was brutal.
  9. I meant to get 6 tickets but accidentally bought 7 for Atlanta, whoops. But we're close to the stage! It seems the upper levels are still widely available.
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  10. Fuck ticketmaster. I keep getting errors of "Another fan beat you" for general admission
  11. I am literally in tears. Every time I happen to secure something to go to check out, it goes to a blank screen with the timer going down, and nothing happens, so I have to release it.
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  12. Don't read any of my posts in the Kacey thread about expensive ticket prices.

    That sucked. Dynamic pricing is so rotten. Even though I waited in the queue for over 45 minutes, when I actually got there, plenty of tickets were available but it would be listed at $109.99 and then when I would go the checkout it would be $450 for the pair. No ma'am. That was rotten. At least when I bought Kacey tix when I clicked on $150 tickets, while expensive, they actually were $150 tickets. So ... no Dula Peep for me.
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  13. I'm not saying it doesn't exist but I've never encountered that "dynamic pricing" garbage. Each ticket for me was $130 + $30 in fees.
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  14. But I thought Dua was local?
  15. Depends on the date and demand? If a date is doing well the few remaining tickets will start rising with every click (in a few hours or days - months). If a date does okay prices will remain.
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  16. so lmao, I went back to see if I could get one more ticket for a friend who FORGOT like a DUMBASS that these went up today and my 90-something floor ticket had gone up to 116.50 for GA and I was like, ohhhhh tricksy hobbitses.
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  17. I still very much stand by this, given what I just experienced now
  18. My partner and I had up MSG and Newark respectively and it was an absolute shit show. We finally secured fine non-dynamic tickets for Newark and I can breathe again.

    Why is the world’s largest ticket provider so awful at providing tickets?! It clearly cannot update available stock fast enough to reflect what’s been purchased, so we all get stuck in limbo. It doesn’t even quite feel like the queues/lobby systems are anything more than window dressing.
  19. Ticket prices def went up in the mere moments I scrambled to find seats. Abolish all money.
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  20. I was doing the exact the same thing, it was so frustrating, and ended up with the same result as you (*decent* seats in Newark).

    Furious she didn't do any sort of pre-sale going into this, so it was literally the Hunger Games for everyone at once for one date at each location
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