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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

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  2. Song is out there. It's fucking amazing.
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  3. It's out there.

    I hate when people leak singles.
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  4. I'm loving it!
    So 80s sounding! The chorus reminds me of "I got a new attitude".

  5. Oh it’s just pure joy. Dua is really making this look so damn easy huh.
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  6. Knowing Don’t Start Now was good enough to smash with a shit video to allocate more coinage to Physical is smart I guess, but still a bit of a bummer nn.
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  7. I'm also getting second album A-ha mixed with Pointer Sisters and 1985 soundtrack of US high school movie, ugh it's so good.
  8. Crisis averted!
  9. Physical is immense. It's very 80s but isn't covered in cheese like the snippet suggested. I don't sense a hit but I do sense a ton of wigless fags, myself included.
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  10. Nostalgia indeed! Can't stop dancing!
    If this indicates the quality for the rest of the album i'm sooooooo up for it!
    She 's not playing around.
    Who is the producer behind Physical?
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  11. Stephen Kozmeniuk.
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  12. The eerie synth in the background is already my favourite pop moment of 2020. I'm in love with this.
  13. This sounds like the perfect second single.
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  14. A banger.
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  15. Excited to hear this. Apparently the file data has 1 of 19 in it. I know we’re getting 16 tracks with the deluxe, but I’m imagining that perhaps there are some Japan bonus tracks or tacked on remixes or something in the running to bump it up?
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  16. Excited for this! Out of all the stuff dripping out today I only have Treat Myself. Lucky me.
  17. Might be One Kiss, Electricity, Kiss and Make Up
  18. Loving the "Baby keep on dancing like you ain't got a choice" part.
  19. I think it says '01' because it's just a single. I feel like Future Nostalgia (song) is the opening track.
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  20. This is phenomenal
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