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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. I really wanted to wait until the official release, but I just couldn't - what kind of legendary track is Hallucinate? Who gave her the right? What a tightly executed concept for the whole album bar the last two songs, such a breath of fresh air having this clear idea of the kind of album it wants to be and sound like. Physical is still my favourite track, but it will probably be my song of the year, so it's not even fair to the other (fantastic) girls. I am so, so happy with this.
  2. I’m glad people are loving the album. I’ll wait a couple more weeks till it drops. So excited!
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  3. Boys Will Be Boys
    • Sounds like it plays in the final act of a school play
    • The lyrics came straight out of Witness
    • Wait shit it actually sounds so much like that Taylor song for her documentary, down to the jarring choir
    She sounds terrible and 2D during Good in Bed's chorus

    I can't
  4. I love how prominent, liquid basslines and shimmering string arrangements form the unifying sonic DNA of the album. Consistency but make it sensual!!
  5. People coming in here just to slag off the last two tracks and not mentioning the incredible 9 that precede them.

  6. What a tight, bright and spritely collection of pop songs! The melodies, the hooks, the fat-free slayage! Talk about stepping up her game. She's giving me strong Good Girl Gone Bad vibes with this, announcing her arrival in the Big Pop Girl league whether you like it or not.

    It all sounds pretty good on first listen but Cool, Levitate, Hallucinate and Love Again stood out the most. Break My Heart is also a brilliant choice for next single. Keep feeding us those disco bangers, queen.
  7. Right, but personally I wanted to listen to them first to see if they were that bad
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  8. Levitating filled my pantry with eggs and TP
  9. aux


    I'm still thinking of Break My Heart. I'm doing my best to not listen to it anymore, since I want her to get all the streams possible when it comes out. I feel for artists when their music leaks, especially when it's actually coming out.
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  10. Disco Diva Mama can’t be bothered to do the signed stuff in a week, she’s too busy promoting as we know! So she’ll take a month for it and we gladly accept that!
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  11. Wait the whole thing leaked?!
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  12. I could hear the record scratch on this post.
  13. Ffffff this is what I get for not keeping up on the thread
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  14. Who's gonna tell her? ddd
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  15. Aren't the signed stuffs only sold on her UK store?
  16. Levitating just blasted me into outer space SHE HAS NO RIGHT!
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  17. How are the singles doing stateside?
  18. Don't Start Now is her biggest song in the US to date
  19. I'm so worried to listen to The Last Two Songs, but also I have shit taste and like Ava Max's music so I'll probably be fine.
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  20. So was I but I love Good in Bed. The last one is the oddest one.

    This whole album is amazing, probably my favorite pop record in a long time.
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