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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. This is genuinely so good im emotional, the isolation makes this album spring sunshine.
  2. I'm on track 8. So far, not a single second is wasted. WHAT. AN. EXPERIENCE.
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  3. Yeah it was a joke....
  4. Something just happened.

    I've just heard the chorus of Break My Heart for the first time - and I just could not stay in place. My living room became an instant dance floor.

    These are rare pop moments.
  5. I listened to them out of curiosity and they aren't bad. I'm waiting for the release date before listening to the rest of the album though.
  6. Neither really sound like Ava Max.

    "Good In Bed" sounds straight out of Alright, Still by Lily and "Boys Will Be Boys" sounds like any 2000s indie-pop girl trying to orchestral-pop. It honestly reminds me of "Sincerely, Jane" by Janelle Monae, particularly the verses.
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  7. I bet Good In Bed is going to grow on people. Its not that bad.
  8. I know train trips aren't encouraged these days, all the opposite but if someone could offer me a ticket on this route it would be amazing. (:
  9. Cool, Levitating and Hallucinate
    The Pop Triumvirate

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  10. Luc


    Wow! She really did THAT!

    This is clearly the new generation's Confessions On A Dancefloor.

    Classic album already!
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  11. I'm going in. Listened the last 2 tracks first and I quite like them.

    Just started Cool and the opening reminds me of stranger things.
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  12. This is so fucking good, I'm so happy for her, slay us Dua Leak
  13. I feel like Break My Heart has the potential to best Don't Start Now's chart performance. The choreo in my mind right now... the_flavor_gif.
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  14. This is the best pop album I've heard in ages! I like it all... even the last two tracks. Just got my arse in gear to get the vinyl pre-ordered (I normally just pick up instore, but as of today that's not an option).

    Does anyone have the artwork but with the logo on?
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  15. Dua Lipa can say faggot xx
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  16. They're credited in publishing and the sample is so present it slaps you in the face at 'I would've stayed at home, cuz I was doing better alone'
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  17. Have to agree the 2 last tracks are a let down and a disappointing wy to end the album after the high of the previous tracks. Those 2 songs really make no sense. Let's pretend the album only has 9 tracks.
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  18. upload_2020-3-22_19-36-9.jpeg

    All this talk about samples and I just enjoy the album like the Millennial that I am... I’m still ascending.
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