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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. The Future Nostalgia outtakes are supposedly Cherry, Jealousy, Love Is Religion, Ball and Chain, and 258. Berlin Summer and Bad Idea are from the debut.
  2. The sequencing of Hallucinate, Love Again and Break My Heart should be liable for damages.
  3. What are the titles of the leaked outtakes?
    edit: okay thank you @HEARTCORE
  4. “Love Is Religion” sounding like a Like a Prayer outtake. Here for it.
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  5. Wow, even the outtakes are great.
  6. Good in Bed is... not bad, but compared to the stuff that precedes it, it just can’t stand up. It definitely feels like something you can tell was written a while ago. The repeated hook in the chorus is definitely catchy, though.

    Boys will be Boys is nice enough, but I think it lacks more tracks like it in the album. It’s definitely an outlier that would fit the debut era much the same as Good in Bed.
  7. There is no point in listening to the FLAC version if you’re not listening on super expensive gear (you won’t notice the difference)

    The MP3 version of the leak seems to be an encoding of the vinyl.
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  8. More outtakes leaked? Dang. More twitter hunting to do, I suppose.
  9. we love to see it!

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  10. RMK


    From people who have heard, are these leaks worth the listen? From what I've gathered, the songs for Future Nostalgia out there were recorded before she figured out the direction she wanted to go in.
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  11. Love Again is just a bit darker than the rest of it (aside from Physical). Like, the soundscape has a bit of grit to it that's missing elsewhere because it's such a light record overall. Major standout.
  12. Yes. I thought I would be to easily tell which were meant for the album... but I can't?
  13. I mean they’re all still ~nostalgic~ sounding.

    “Cherry” is giving 2006 Timbaland
    “Love is Religion” is very early Madonna
    “Jealousy” is early 2000s
    “Ball and Chain” is probably closest to the final album
    “25/8” samples something but it’s very 2000s again
  14. RMK


    I think these are where the songs fall.

    Berlin Summer
    Bad Idea

    Future Nostalgia:
    Love is Religion
    Ball and Chain

    It was more for a frame of reference, these descriptions definitely make me want to listen.
  15. I NEED to find these outtakes
  16. This is annoying me, what is it?!
  17. The outtakes are fun, but they definitely deserved to remain that way. I don’t think any of these were planned for the deluxe edition. You can definitely sense the split between the sound she forged on her debut and finding this new sound.
  18. Why are none of these on twitter and somehow y'all have them? Apparently my leak finding skills aren't what they used to be.
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  19. Levitating deserved to be a hit, this funky vibe has been so easy to sell for so long now.
    Pretty Please begins as an Allie X track (no shade, actually a privilege) but every new section's production just bubbles out. Incredible how much it grows.
    Whoever said Hallucinate sounded like Madonna's Impressive Instant was right, though it's more disco and less electronic I'd say. Also reminded me of so many things on Kylie's Fever.
    Love Again wax-shaved my as*h*l*. I'm unable to speak further about it.
    Good in Bed... I'm surprised it's getting negative reactions. The style is a bit distanced from the album but it makes so much sense for her to sing something like this. Her voice in the chorus is stunning, and the rapping parts had some Amy Winehouse zest of lemon to it. I'll gladly do my house chores to this one.
    Boys Will Be Boys came on and I thought I was listening to Racista Cabello's new album. I'm switching this one for Electricity and call it a perfect album.

    All the others I'd heard before and honestly, what a bulldozer of an album. The new tweaks on Break My Heart are super welcome too. We don't deserve these many blessings.
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  20. It’s killing me because it’s really well known. I’m going to be so annoyed when someone points it out and it was obvious the whole time.
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