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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. This looks so right.

    upload_2020-3-26_22-57-20.png 44

    But what about the Tove Lo part?
    Was she involved in some of the recording sessions?
  2. RJF


    She co-wrote “Cool”.
  3. Besides the leak and a pandemic that is annihilating the planet this era is going as well as I could have ever dreamed.
  4. I feel like her 99 on Metacritic is begging for a G*g* joke but I have NADA.
  5. Time for the first listen to the album. This feels like Christmas Eve.
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  6. Having a beer on Dua Lipa’s sophomore album being officially released. Let’s play it!
  7. It feels good to know that we have this year's 'NFR, 'Golden Hour', 'Melodrama' settled.
  8. Break My Heart is kinda meh to me dd. Excited to listen to the alboom tonight though.
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  9. I just can't get over how everything about this era has been so fucking flawless.
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  10. RJF


    The way that "Break My Heart" gets in is its verses. Give it a few more listens and it'll have you.
  11. If that final minute doesn’t grab you after five listens...I have no words momma.
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  12. I NEED a video of equal wiggery for Love Again. It would be that perfect 1-2-3-4 hit that will go down as legend. We don’t deserve ha.
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  13. RMK


    Queen of songwriting.

    The demo low-key wasn't that great but we'll ignore that because she has multiple titles to her name this week and that's iconic.
  14. Daddy Lipa.

    That's it.

    That's the post.
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  15. Love the video. I do also which she was more charismatic in her videos because she actually has it in spades in her recent performances. If it is an intentional I don't give a crap confidence it doesn't really work all the time. Still with how she is serving with everything else I can overlook it. The fact that she released 3 back to back slappers...

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  16. I love that she took a second between posting the glowing reviews of her new album to remind the ghouls that she is a songwriter
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  17. Zara Larsson and Kygo in 2020?
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  18. Rejoice! The album of the year is officially with us.

  19. She’s on the cover of New Music Friday in Australia with Break My Heart at the top (and Hallucinate includes farther down!).

    She just keeps winning!
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