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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. This is a great album, and was most definitely worth the wait + pre-ordering.

    Cool, Pretty Please, Love Again, and Boys Will Be Boys are my faves so far!
  2. This album is pure perfection. Dua does the he whole 90’s pop girl thing better than the original 90’s pop girls. My favorites (apart from the singles) are: Cool, Hallucinate, Love Again and Boys Will Be Boys. Cool in particular is divine and you can just imagine how epic the live performances of Hallucinate will be.

    While I’m not that big of a fan of Good In Bed it does have a really alluring production that sounds like it’s taken straight from Billie Pipers first album. Overall the whole album is so cohesive and flawlessly produced. I hope Dua has at least 5-6 more songs saved up for a re-release later on this year.
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  3. Album of the Year 2021 - Future Nostalgia - Release Date March 27th
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  4. I think Physical and Hallucinate are *it* for me, Along with the Live in LA version of Don't Start Now that I will slap onto the tail end of this album to finish it off with the reprise it deserves. But damn I wish this album was longer, not because I want bad filler included which is how most albums usually pad the tracklist, but I just want more of this. It's so good.
  5. Well, if anyone can pull it off... it's Ms. Dual Pips.
  6. Any imaginary singles run that doesn’t include Cool, well,

  7. Period. Cool is immaculate.
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  8. Because of y'all I just watched the "How Long" video for the first time... This cringe-inducing pro-Trump Republican manchild with no rhythm is the locals' king??? DISGUSTENG.
  9. Wow the Break My Heart video is everything. I also revisited DL1 this week and it has some really stellar moments in it. Please Ms. Peep don’t go away for 3 years again!
  10. King? He's really not that popular.
  11. Holy shit, 'Cool' is the one.
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  12. I just realized today it screams single choice. Maybe after Break My Heart?
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  13. 'Good in Bed' is absolutely bizarre but I kind of adore it? The production is immaculate.
  14. Cool has to be the summer single.
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  15. 'Cool' is the best song of all time.
  16. I am listening to the album.
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  17. Can’t imagine someone even trying to dispute this. It’s like she took Carly Rae, Aly & AJ, and 1989 and stepped on all their heads with her sequined stilettos.
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  18. Listening now... This is quite an album!
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  19. This advert? Iconic.

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