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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. I’d love if he produced the entirety of her next album ala Confessions and Aphrodite.
  2. Love Again feels a bit ABBA. It's surprising she went this contemporary but vintage disco direction but it works so damn well.
  3. Vinyl coming Monday for me, box set see you in May(be)?
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  4. Good In Bed was fine until that god awful chorus. I don't like twee diet R&B vibe of it tho. Feels lazy compared to the modern reimaging of disco of the songs before.
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  6. PARTYNEXTDOOR is kinda naturally whopping her on Apple Music, but it likely won't matter at this point if The Weeknd's second week drop is lower than 67% this week.
  7. I love the album, but damn If It Ain’t Me with Normani needs to see the light of day. What a banger!
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  8. A lot of the album sounds very Kylie.
    First time listening I had images of Kylie making furious phone calls to various label execs asking why she hadn't been given first dibs on all these tracks.
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  9. Boys Will Be Boys is such a weird addition and a pretty bad song too. WTF is it doing on this album? I usually hate making revisions to album tracklists but I do think I'll be going with the 9 track all killer no filler version. The last two tracks are just puzzling. Feels like the Jimmy Jimmy>Love Makes The World Go Round drop off a cliff but without the sonic cohesion.

    Otherwise, I'm stunned by this album. I was one of the few people who thought the debut was kind of weak but this record is ridiculously refined and superbly executed, especially for being a sophomore album. The soundscape is sophisticated and the sonic references are so tasteful. What a home run.

    Physical, Hallucinate, and Cool are my trinity, but you can't go wrong with any of the first nine songs.
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  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I know no one is talking about the title track because it was released months ago, but as someone who purposefully only listened to it a handful of times so that it would remain fresh for the album release, it might actually be one of my favourites here? It does a fantastic job as the opener and I think the chorus is one of the strongest across the whole album, which says a lot. It's the perfect mission statement and sets the tone perfectly. I really love it.
  11. It's a great opener. It's a bit quirky, so it creates some sonic interest right off the bat.
  12. To see an album with music this good smashing this effortlessly is such a wonderful thing to witness.

    Perhaps the GP does have a crumb of taste after all...
  13. Hotter Than Hell still remains the one for me though.
  14. I thought there were was no way this album could live up to the ridiculous hype in this thread and then...it straight up did live up to the hype if you ignore the last couple songs. I should have known the album would be this good going by the absolute beast of a pop song that Physical is. It pops off harder than anything I've heard for a long time.
  15. I know it's a bit early but I think this may be my favourite album since Golden Hour.

    For me, Pretty Please is the clear highlight from the new songs. That bass...
  16. I wasn’t as sensible as you because I’ve played the title track to death over the last few months, meaning it has lots most of it’s freshness for me. I agree that it is an excellent song.
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  17. Thanks so much for these. Hate to sound repetitive, but "Hallucinate" really does soar out into orbit doesn't it?! Best pop track in ages as far as I'm concerned with absolutely stellar, pristine rich and layered production and an amazing hook. The album is a winner for that moment alone! Especially when taking in all those golden details in the instrumental!
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  18. Everyone I know is raving about this album. And not just the sissies.
  19. When she said Madonna was her idol I knew this girl had taste. Now listening to this amazing album especially the tracks she worked with Stuart Price, arguably Madonna's most beloved producer, it all sounds a bit Confessions on a dance floor 2.0 which is superb and way more than I ever thought she could give us. This imperial phase of Dua thats just starting is totally deserved, the music here is phonomenal.

    I'd love a video for Levitating please, it would reset the culture.
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  20. Kinda odd she can pull such great album numbers yet it doesn’t seem likely she’ll get a second hit.

    Ready for Cool to go number one by Q4.
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