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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Yes and Fnac has sold out for weeks now, I kept checking and it was never restocked.
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  2. HDD are projecting 70-80K for 5SOS and 50-60K for Pearl Jam so the only thing standing in Dua’s way of debuting at #1 in the US is Abel’s second week. Let’s pray, girls.
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  3. This Physical remix is on Spotify, it’s...okay (haven’t seen this posted)
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  4. RJF


    I cancelled my order for the vinyl with Amazon because I was getting it delivered to my work (which is shut) and tried to re-order because I thought that would be the quickest way... only for it to tell me it wouldn't come until the end of next month. I've ordered from the official store instead. How have they been with getting orders out this week? Did they send out a dispatch email?
  5. If you'd ordered through Amazon you'd have most likely got it by Monday, their current delivery estimates are way off just so people don't moan if they take a little longer than usual.

    Although that's kinda pointless info now, and I have no idea about her official store so let me wish you an ounce of luck that it's not a repeat of the Beyoncé vinyl saga.
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    Oh for fuck sake.
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  7. Order another copy.

    Ms Peep deserves it.
  8. My vinyl says Tuesday. I'm praying.
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    I saw people saying they received their official store ones.......... right?
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  10. I ordered from her store and got a shipment notice yesterday
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  11. RJF


    Jesus be a dispatch email.
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  12. Amazon is saying a March 31st delivery if I order today, time to throw that coin and get to #1 sis.
  13. The official store ones are definitely being shipped, I'd imagine they just might take a day or two longer.
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  14. I ordered mine around this time yesterday and it said April 23rd, but its now coming tomorrow so you should get it Monday.
  15. Also, me right now after I've had a wine and have the urge to go out.

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  16. It said the box set release date was late May.

    They canceled my order yesterday when I thought there was a 50% discount, so as of right now, I’m getting nothing. I still really want my yellow vinyl, though.
  17. Yeah they’re an Irish Store! They took over some of the HMV stores that closed a few years ago. They normally have all of the exclusives hmv have. Tower Records in Dublin have a site too, they sometimes have exclusives left in stock after others have run out.
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  18. Her story is sketchy, they replied just fine until I asked to cancel my order then two days silence and a dispatch the third. Also sketchy cause I paid 26 quid for tracked delivery but there was no tracking number given. I think they just trynna avoid cancellations dd. Let’s see.

    Amazon UK were fantastic though, ordered Wednesday was shipped Thursday and I had it here in Greece Friday noon (paid expedited though). And today they mailed me they refunded 5 quid because the price fell.
  19. Thank you both! I’m going to order now.

  20. Buy/stream Future Nostalgia so sis can renovate her apartment!!!
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