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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. My vinyl came a day early! The see through pink looks so nice and I love the matte finish of the sleeve. Going to give it a spin!
  2. She performing on Amazon Livestream!

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  3. RJF


    I just ordered the picture disc (...from Tower Records in Ireland nn) because it looks like it might end up being valuable and because it looks gorgeous. Doer separating me from fifty of my hard earned pounds for vinyl that probably won't turn up until July? Her power.
  4. In this economy? Her witchcraft is insane.
  5. RJF


    I have been saving to go to Japan for six months and now that isn't happening. Anyone need a sugar daddy?
  6. I was supposed to go to Japan too. Could club together and bankroll the next Little Boots album?
  7. RJF


    I mean I'm all for giving to charity but maybe a food bank given this current situation?
  8. I adore the fact that even a global pandemic, that is shutting down the whole damn world, isn’t gonna stop this queen from performing the verses to her new bible.
  9. Also let’s take a moment to appreciate not only the boppery but the sheer prescience of Break My Heart:
    The isolation-positive anthem we need in these trying times.
  10. She just keeps winning

  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Little Boots just can't catch a break ":("
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    Saturday streams not included
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  13. aux


    Ladies, it's time. Re-open those soccer mum accounts y'all made for Gaga and use them for Dua.

  14. Let's hope theirs are front loaded and Dua overtakes organically.
  15. We need the @RJF to use his Japan money to get Dua to #1.
  16. Yeah I’m anticipating 5SOS sales are pretty much all accounted for for the week, with small flurries of sales throughout. Where as with Dua I suspect her sales will be consistent and steady and will eventually overtaking them.

    Edit: just realised everywhere is shut so may prove difficult.
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  17. RJF


    Literally the only thing of note 5SOS have done over the last few years is look increasingly smelly. Who is still stanning them?
  18. aux


    This reminds me of when they played at work. A nightmare. I went in the auditorium to help people take their seats. They go on stage. The children went wild, highest pitched screams I've ever heard in my life. The show happens, whatever. I have to go in at the end to help people leave the auditorium... y'all... the stench. I've never smelled anything like it in my life.
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