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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

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    fffffff my setlist is bookended the same, and also has "Don't Start Now" as the finale. Taste!
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    + Bad Together
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    The production across the board is just so... lush, and rich. I have "Electricity" queued up to play after "Break My Heart" on my album playlist but... it just doesn't pop the same way? Like it still kind of fits, but you can still tell that it wasn't made with this album in mind.

    I hope the eventual tour has her working with a musical director who maybe helps bring her previous hits into the world of this album. Nothing insane, and most of her material will fit easily anyway, but still... really put that Madonna inspiration to use sis! Start butchering those hits on tour!
  4. The electric guitar in Cool really makes the whole thing sound so lush.
  5. I think it's really basic too but it's certainly better than Good In Bed and Boys Will Be Boys.
  6. Her musical director is her drummer, I believe, but I'd like her to get Stuart Price involved since he worked on two tracks. Ha Confessions Tour is upon us
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  7. Yeah it's still William Bowerman, which has been thanked in the liner notes, and I trust him to make both the old and new songs come to life live.

    edit: And now the nerdy musician in me wants to reread that interview again.
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  8. I rarely do this stuff so lemme join in dd

    Future Nostalgia
    Blow Your Mind (Mwah)

    Hotter than Hell
    Break My Heart (with elements of Need You Tonight and the whole bit)

    Last Dance
    Boys Will Be Boys

    One Kiss
    Be the One

    Scared to Be Lonely (string outro)
    Love Again
    Your Woman (segue) / Good In Bed (only verse and 1st chorus)

    New Rules
    Don’t Start Now

    • Hallucinate leading up to One Kiss in a continuous, Future Lovers / I Feel Love kind of ecstasy
    • Good in Bed would be the comical moment, a cute bop jarringly cut by the immediate scalping of Physical
    • Don't Start Now is the LA Mix but that goes unsaid
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  9. There’s no way she can’t perform tracks 1-9 on tour. If she fucks it up a lá the Dedicated Tour...
  10. Electricity should either be the first close or the encore, the way it just feels like a total pallet cleanser.

    I hope she treats it like Beyoncé does run the world and just declares it one of her biggest hits.
  11. The Don’t Start Now U.K. chart run is insane. 20 weeks in the top 10, this is going to outsell New Rules isn’t it.


  12. Monica listing her favourite sex positions.
  13. There is some mighty good bass throughout the entire record. also, omfg that sample in Love Again, I REMEMBER THAT SONG BUT THE NAME IS SLIPPING ME
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  14. The original sample comes from a much older song, but this is likely the one you're referring to?
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  15. This thread:
    - 'What is Love Again sampling?' 30%
    - 'Reminds me of How Long' 30%
    - 'Wow an album' 40%
  16. LOL yes that! I remember that being big on the internet in my youth.

    Also this should probably go in the GAY thread but
    I wanna suck a dick to hallucinate in the background
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  17. You forgot Lisa Scott-Lee
  18. It’d been bugging me what the vowel-breaking ‘me-ee-ee’ bits in Good In Bed reminds me of and I finally figured it out. Same as the chorus of Ting Tings’ “Great DJ!”
  19. One Kiss is fantastic. The hooks and production are so slick and well executed, there's nothing basic about it to these ears. I'd say it was my favourite Dua moment until Don't Start Now and Physical. A classique.
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  20. [​IMG]
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