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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. So you've just received only the card? When was that? I'm anxious now. Did it come in good condition?
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  2. Released the deluxe edition, featuring 3 new songs, 4 remixes and a live track.
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  3. He released 3 extra bonus tracks I believe.
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  4. Dua pls
  5. Right now, this is where I'm at:

    1. Physical
    2. Cool
    3. Hallucinate
    4. Don't Start Now
    5. Levitating
    6. Future Nostalgia
    7. Love Again
    8. Break My Heart
    9. Pretty Please

    10. Good In Bed

    666. Boys Will Be Boys

    It really should have been a 9 tracker.
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  6. Future Nostalgia is at #2 in the mid-weeks behind 5 Seconds of Summer's Calm.
  7. The remixes came last Monday and the new tracks today. Good way to prolong press around the album and keep streams up.
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  8. Whaaaat?? Ugh.
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  9. Amazed that she’s not #1. I’m guessing 5SOS had a physical bundle thing going on?
  10. The card arrived today after I got an email saying my boxset got dispatched on Friday
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  11. Tour bundles aren't a thing in the UK, but they just had a lot more pre-orders than her (I think they had 17k?).

    No need to worry yet though, I think Joe spilled she's outselling them 5-to-1 without HMV sales & streaming (both of which are in her favour).
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  12. I'd definitely gag if we get a 'surprise' deluxe edition this week with more songs and remixes.

    I want my boxset though. The Warner store hasn't given me any updates beyond sending a download link.
  13. So my order for the vinyl boxset arrived today...

    ...they just sent a CD

  14. They sent a mail about that right? UK hunties got a free cd
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  15. So guys at Pulse say Break My Heart didn't have any deal not even a first say one. Here comes the...
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  16. She can do this.
    She will be No 1.

  17. Oh.

    Degeneres queen!
  18. What's with 5SOS blocking excellent releases? First Everything Is Love and now, possibly, Future Nostalgia? This ain't the popjustice I signed up for!
  19. She does have 3 singles in the Top 10 though:

    #3 Physical
    #4 Don’t Start Now
    #7 Break My Heart
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