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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. I’m starting to question if this phenomenal campaign is Warner trying to encourage Madonna to get back under their umbrella nn
  2. Is this for real or stan Twitter trolling gone wild?
  3. Her management said in an interview they're actively working on getting a Madonna feat, someone teased in here a few pages before that a Levitating remix was coming f/ a legacy act.
  4. Also, Madonna followed Dua a few weeks ago, so something is definitely on the way...
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  5. Future Nostalgic MDNA Skin with a Good in Bed Derma Beauty Roller.
  6. I just caught that The BRITs were pushed back to May. Personally I think that's unnecessary, the live audience isn't crazy important. I'm sure the right atmosphere could be created without them, and the performance stage going straight into the artist tables would probably make something a bit more memorable?

    I wonder what this means for the later stages of the era & timing of the deluxe re-release, since it was obviously going to be a victory lap moment for her initially.
  7. Apparently Madonna recorded vocals in L.A. before Corona. So this was planned a long time ago, if that's true.

    I would love it to be a situation like J.LO with Aint't It Funny, where the remix was totally different than the original song. But I love Levitating like this too, so we'll see.
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  8. lmao what is it with Kylie stans and hating Madonna?
  9. A flawless single campaign plus a possible collab with the Queen of Pop? I have no choice but to STAN.
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  10. I don’t hate Madonna I just wanted Kylie on this. All the initial buzz got my hopes up that it was her. Never mind. Hopefully will still be good.
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  11. The just needed the Queen of hesitating on levitating.
  12. Can Madonna jump on Love Again too please.
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  13. But a Kylie collab would go nowhere except with the middle aged U.K. gays? Madonna is a global icon.
  14. could you fucking imagine... oh my god.

    Levitating (feat. Madonna)

    I can't function. Another top 40 for kween.
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  15. Dua & Madonna on a song together, produced by Stuart Price...is giving me ALL the right feels.
  16. Y'all do know that Levitating was produced by Koz with minimal additional production by Stuart Price, right?
  17. 6 5 DUA LIPA Break My Heart 13558 12930 628 62.343

    +71 Spins
    -23 Bullet
    -0.291 Audience

    Oficially top 5 on US pop radio and gained all over the top 4. All the songs higher than her are free falling, I hope it can be one for at least a week.
  18. I know it makes much better financial sense but was just dreaming of a Kylie/Dua collaboration for my own pleasure, you know being a middle aged gay and all. X
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  19. I think a Kylie/Dua collab could be on the cards for Kylie's album - but adding Kylie onto "Levitating" wouldn't do anything for Dua in markets outside the UK/Europe/Australia.
    But...make that collab happen.
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  20. RJF


    I think the feature in terms of chart viability isn't really that important. It lets Dua work with one of her heroes, gets fresh buzz for the track simply from the virtue of it being a feature, and gives them a new version to push onto New Music Friday and Hot Hits rather than trying to make the existing version work. Madonna being a chart force is kind of irrelevant; she's a new coat of paint to an existing track that allows them to treat it as a brand new single. Would The Weeknd or Ariana be an easier slam dunk? Sure. But this is just fun, and I have to applaud the era's commitment to that if nothing else.
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