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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Who had Madonna on the second album?
    Who had Jess Glynne saying, “she a problem”?
  2. Yup this is more of a personal goal rather than a chart trick.
  3. Uno


    Sis, let's stop right there lol. I love them both but let's not pretend Madonna is still churning out smash hits with the youngins. This is moreso for the notch under the belt rather than anything chart related.
  4. Yes, tear each other apart. Someone alert those who never leave Comeback Corner so this discussion can really get spicy.
  5. The logic here is off? Break My Heart is gonna be doing it for a while in the US. If this single is for UK/Europe, Kylie has more selling power there in 2020.
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  6. Not y'all forgetting this moment in world history.

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  7. Actually neither Kylie nor Madonna have any streaming power in singles anymore, not gonna help with Spotify streams at all.
    Kylie only sells physicals on week 1 cos of the crazy fans buys 15 cassettes each, but no one cares after week 1
  8. I'm surprised it's Madge because I can see her fitting more with Love Again than Levitating. But a choice I'm looking forward to, regardless.

    I'll add that chart hit or not, the press always loves a few "Who's this generation's Madonna?" thinkpieces.
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  9. I think that's a very black and white way of looking at it. Madonna on her own? No, she's not a big streaming pull. But currently the world's biggest female pop start collaborating with the with the biggest female pop star of all time is going to pull in a lot more curiosity and hype than your standard Madonna single.
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  10. Madonna with Dua and Kylie possibly with Jessie Ware? I love Pride.

  11. In other news, Break My Heart is still chugging along towards a new peak.
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  12. K94


    Levitating Hive on our way to eat

  13. Uno


    Imagine saying Physical shouldn't have been a single.

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  14. RJF


    But having an excuse to stick “Levitating” back on the biggest playlists is. She doesn’t even need another hit off this album, so she might as well have fun with it.
  15. @DangerousHun liking all these posts...


    Madua Lipa confirmed.
  16. Absolutely no one:
    Major label executives: *Vanessa Hudgens voice* I'm so into female collabs right now.
  17. That user was cited in a spanish article about all of this.
  18. The international implications that that has.
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  19. The God Is A Woman video really did shake the table, yes.
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