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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Yes

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  3. I think is disappointing, the original had a spark that is gone in the remix.
  4. Pretty sure they are all aware of how terrible stan Twitter is and how sad and desperate.

    I am also pretty sure they all know what they did here - and since the project is called CLUB Future Nostalgia they may be aware that some TikTok gays are a bit overwhelmed with a club production.

    This is so lush. Extremely happy Missy brought her A game too.
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  5. Outside of one or two people that's not really an accurate portrayal of the reception here though is it? Any other criticism has been level headed and fairly articulate.

    I wasn't expecting the features to be tacked onto the original, nor was I expecting a Bimbo Jones but make it 2020 poppers o'clock affair. I wasn't expecting The Blessed Madonna to completely step out of her lane either. I was hoping for something slightly more dynamic. So to see everyone dismiss any criticism of the remix here as "y'all have never been to a club/can't understand anything that isn't top 40 fodder - poor it!" is dumb. You can go take that up with stan Twitter if it irks you, but for some reason everyone's initial reaction in these situations is to equate anyone who doesn't love it here with your average Twitter gay. It's lazy.
  6. Shuffle just played this, Impact by SG Lewis and Something More by Roisin... whewww.
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  7. It’s fine to be attached to the original album version, but it’s shocking to see how offended people can get by a remix? Especially when the concept of the remix has always been apart of Pop music (since the 70s I think?)

    On a positive note, I am loving this so far, Madonna sounds so good on the song, she’s pretty much featured all the way through, it’s the best I’ve heard her vocals sound in a long time, and Missy’s verse is such a serve!
  8. I am a little disappointed that the collage is the album cover. I like it as a promo image, but I don't think that it quite works as an album cover.
  9. I got a WAP just reading this.
  10. Bought it and am streaming, I love it.
  11. Popjustice, instantly overreacting before eventually coming around to a song/idea? Shook.
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  12. I keep imagining SG Lewis working with Madonna after hearing his work.
  13. I love love love The Blessed Madonna and this is exactly what I love about her. Off to Panorama Bar with this.
  14. Listening to this on repeat since I first heard it and the more I love the production, mood and vibe, the more I think it is a bit soul-less and goes nowhere. This is the production I expected for a Pretty Please remix, or even Physical, but Levitating ends up robbed of some of its best elements.
    There is also the feeling of this being the complete opposite of what one would expect of a Dua Lipa + Madonna collaboration but to me that works in its favor. It's just a bit... too subtle all the way through. The arpeggios are like melted butter (I think the Robyn comparisons are spot on) but they only ever shine during the first 10 seconds and during two lines of Missy's verse. It's a lovely template. I'll be using it for long since it's them and their voices sound divine.
  15. I love the original but this is great too. I don’t really see the point of comparing when most “remixes” are just a verse slapped on, often removing the best part of a song. This reworks it into a new track and both can exist
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  16. I don’t love it but I think that’s just me not liking most club remixes built to transition easily and have relatively stable rhythms and energies. It’s good.
  17. These are the bits of the remix I like the most. Chromeo being on Club Future Nostalgia would fit perfectly
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  18. I mean, fair enough. It’s all love, girl. My hackles are just up because I genuinely love The Blessed Madonna’s production style, and for me, this being more understated really brings the features front and center (which, again, I can’t help but think was the point when you’ve got Madonna and Missy Elliott on the same track).

    As much as I do love this, I hope there’s a radio remix that adds Madonna and Missy to the album version so everyone can be happy
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  19. I was shocked they used this for the album cover proper. Surely a Stan can knock together something better.
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  20. The instrumental is... literally that one bass line, 2 hundred times. The vocal production is great and I’m sure there are layers that will unveil themselves more over time.

    But at the moment I’m whelmed. As is usually the way with these things.

    The Madonna and Missy additions are great.
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