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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. 2014

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  2. This is giving me Gaga debuting "Marry The Night" on Farmville teas.
  3. What is a fee fa?
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  4. Like...the fact that Levitating:

    -Is an album highlight and truly excels at "modern" disco
    -Actually became a single after I sang its praises for the better part of two months
    -Received an iconic controversial remix featuring two (2) legends that I've stanned since the age of like ten AND one of my favorite contemporary DJs
    -Will be getting another remix with an artist who's done some of the best feature verses of the last few years
    -Will almost certainly be a legitimate smash hit

    The way I WON.

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  5. I wonder if it's the original or the Blessed Madonna remix.

    Edit: They playlisted the remix on Spotify so I guess that's it.
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  6. The way this era just keeps innovating, smashing, creating, levitating. Truly one for the books.
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  7. I'm calling Xmas number one.
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  8. Dua really did come to bury the gays and their scorched scalps this year, didn’t she?
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  9. The way Levitating has become the greatest contribution in pop history.

    And the way she keeps topping that with every single release...I don’t know a better pop star.
  10. What have we done to deserve Levitating?
  11. Levitating has only graced our ears for about six months but at the risk of sounding melodramatic, I'm already confident in saying that it's one of my favorite pop songs ever.
  12. Levitating also gave us one of Madonna's best vocals (production) in years
  13. Levitating is going to be her first #1 in the US. Watch this space.
  14. Levitating is, barring any unexpected releases, my SOTY. I’m just happy it now has the chance to be the GP’s SOTY too.
  15. If this campaign becomes a Teenage Dream style run of smashas with Love Is Religion as a re-release single... That would be something I would love to see.
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  16. Get that hettie coin, queen.
  17. Levitating, Save A Kiss and Midnight Sky are my holy trinity this year.
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  18. “Levitating” by Dua Lipa feat. @DaBabyDaBaby will officially impact Pop/Modern/AC radio stations onUS on October 19th!

    Edit: it’s actually going for adds on US Pop Radio on October 6th, other genres stations will follow after.
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  19. The way this era keeps going and going and all while during a pandemic. It is extremely impressive.
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  20. The new remix with DaBaby is 17 seconds shorter.
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