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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. It's basically

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  2. Levitating was always that girl from day 1, let's get that straight.
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  3. Remember when homosexuals used to complain about streaming's impact on charts.

  4. if Dua is collabing with anyone from Silk Sonic goddamn it it better Anderson.
  5. Ok but Cool (for the summer) next.
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  6. It deserves it. This song has been a godsend in a very tough year — its irresistible buoyancy has served not as an escape as much as a reminder of good times past and hope for good times to come.
  7. Remember when people were complaining about her still pushing Levitating back in November and that she should move one LMAOOOO
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  8. K94


    Levitating has really become one of my favourite songs ever. Though I enjoy it now, I really thought things were done after the remix; so to see it ascend like this is blowing my mind

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  9. The "Levitating" single era has to be one of the most fascinating in memory. I remember when we were praying it'd get a cute eleventh-hour Christmas/New Year boost. Now the twitter chart account girls are saying it could be #1 on the Year-End Hot 100 if it keeps it up like this? This era is heaven?

  10. The COLLAPSE
  11. [​IMG]
    love to see it.
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  12. 28th September. I speaked it into existence.
  13. Okay don't jinxed it.
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  14. Let me ride on this wave and say that Smash Again will be her next #1 smasha.
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  15. Levitating is the masterpiece of the album and it still sounds incredibly fresh, shiny and brand new. It’s nice to see that just about everyone agrees it’s a classic.
  16. The fact that Ms Levitating took out We're Good in the process of it's re-ascent, a double slay.
  17. “Levitating” always sounded like biggest smash on the album to me. Glad it’s finally getting what it deserves. They should put out the Madonna/Missy mix but with the original production.
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  18. I still can't understand how she didn't put Berlin Summer on Future Nostalgia.

  19. The way they posted 'it's a strong contender' and then put it at #4 on their final predictions... they knew what they were doing
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