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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Just got this email from Warner Music with the subject line: 'help get this song to #1'

  2. Uno


    Hold up, let me add all 3 versions of Levitating to my kickball playlist today.
  3. Not only is it heading to #1 after 31 weeks on the chart (!) but holding off Bruno Mars from there?
    God is real.gif

    That would also make it one of the longest treks to the top
  4. Bruno Begs has already hit No 1 what does he wanttttt.
  5. Okkk but Leave The Door Open is a triumph on its own and Bruno slander just reads as being mean for the sake of it. Plus it already reached #1 so there's that too.

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  6. Let us have our gay venom. It's all some of us have left.
  7. Leave The Snore Open is more of the same old tired pastiche Bruno ran dry literal years ago and as you mentioned it already hit #1 so he needs to MOVE and let Dua have her moment.
  8. RMK


    She deserves this. The way this will inevitably match "Don't Start Now" and give her another year-end top five, or higher, is iconic. She's solidifying her name.

    And her management... *chef's kiss*
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  9. Leave The Bore Open is good... if you don't know who The Stylistics, Barry White, Kool & The Gang, The Chi-lites etc are.
  10. I refuse to live in a world where another one of BruNO Mars' meandering snack-size-Hugh-Heffner impersonations blocks Levitating from #1. I rebuke it by the the old Gays and the new. You Americans better stream it twice, thrice and throw it out like rice. Do you fucking hear me?

  11. The fact that there was once a point where I was begging for this song to be the smasha so we would get a debut record...how far we've come!
  12. It's really been a journey from discovering Hotter Than Hell from the BooHoo adverts in 2016 and stanning hard to now. I never would have predicted half of the amazing turns her career has taken.
  13. [​IMG]

    And we’re proud of it!

    I cant wait to start posting after we hear the outcome.

    keep streaming!!!
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  14. Thank you for your contribution.
    Here’s your prize!
  15. Its what the song deserves.

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  16. I will only thank Bruno for *clears throat* leaving the door open for Levitating by lubing America's most basic up for camp disco-funk pastiches.

    Finally, the pay-off!
  17. Yall are being extra as fuck over a harmless comment but oh well. Go Levitating go go go.
  18. Chill, we’re just having fun on this pop music forum with mostly cigs. Levitate on!
  19. This week just keeps getting better! First the Brits and now a US number 1 single, the sheer excellence of it all

    When will your faves?!
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  20. So true. They only play the DaBaby version on the radio, but he’s still pretty campy, and whoever chose him for the single mix deserves a bonus. Maybe they’ll do something similar with “Love Again.”
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