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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Quick drop the extended Blessed Madonna remix/Lucky Star mashup!
  2. That Levitating remix with the Lucky Star bit in it sounds so good. It needs to leak or get put on streaming!
  3. I just watched her NPR Tiny Desk set and I’m snatched. The live arrangements were fantastic, with just enough bass and backing vocals to do the songs justice + her vocals were perfect.
  4. Love Again sounded so good for that. Removing the dance element to it and making it a pretty straight forward almost ballad type song... Oof. It was beautiful. One of my favorites on the album too, I feel like it doesn't get talked about enough among all the other amazing songs on there.
  5. Just ordered Future Nostalgia The Moonlight Edition because I want Lev1tating to happen and need it on vinyl and love Prisoner.
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  6. Yesterday I performed some organic promo by sending the Levitating Spotify link to four separate group chats. We going airplane emoji #1 ladies!


  7. Watching the Brits performance for the 50th time.

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  8. Every icon.

  9. It's for Love Again apparently
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  10. Skipping Cool during the summer seems like a missed opportunity, but I've been a big cheerleader for Love Again since the beginning so no complaints here.
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  11. Love Again is going to be another top ten. Mark my words.

    Let me repeat the same trick.
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  12. Yeah Cool is a summer smash in the waiting but at this rate it’ll be song of the summer in 2022
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  13. It's also only May, she still has plenty of time to release another single after "Love Again".
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  14. Odds are it’ll have a feature to bring it more attention, like Levitating before it, who do we like?
  15. Female rappers only for Love Again thanks xx
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  16. Love Again having its moment will feel like such pop justice after 15 months of idolising this song. If there's a remix coming I hope the feature will be somebody... unexpected. But I'd kind of love them to just push it solo with a new edit or something. I feel like she's earned this and the song could smash organically with a great video.
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  17. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Wasn’t Ari rumored to have another collab coming out this summer? Let me put that dream out into the universe.
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  18. Given Ari tapped into her in 2017/18 it's not that unrealistic.
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