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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. It would be iconic if Cardi sings on the remix.
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  2. “Not My Problem” isn’t great, but it’s better than “We’re Good”, IMO. Both are better than “Good in Bed”.
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  3. My one regret is that Love Is Religion (Blessed Madonna Remix) didn’t get the single treatment. Could be my fave song from the entire era.
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  4. The That Kind Of Woman erasure in this discussion. That hook! It's one for the ages.
  5. It feels like a lost late 90's classic.
  6. I love We're Good so much but it's not right for this album and era. It might have worked for DL1 or as part of the third era album but it's a real outlier on Future Nostalgia.
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  7. Apparently Levitating sold 25k this week, very huge. Praying circle for the #1.
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  8. I still want If It Ain’t Me as a single at some point. It’s such a smash in waiting.
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  9. ‘Love Again’ is so distinctive, with the iconic strings/sample, an inevitable smash.
    Miss ‘Cool’ also needs her time in the spotlight at some point, would be a cute way to start winding the era down.
  10. This! A double video for If It Aint’t Me/That Kind of Woman as a definitive era closer would be a dream.
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  11. That Kind of Woman just feels really lacklustre in its original incarnation. The remix is stellar.
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  12. Subwaykid

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    When do we find out if our prostitution has worked for Levitating?
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  13. I love We're Good purely for the way she pronounces "Island".
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  14. Monday!
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  15. If It Ain’t Me would actually be a great single after Love Again
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  16. Also ladies we might actually see salvation
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  17. Literally this.
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  18. I think Cool and Love Again are the two single options remaining, which could easily take her through the rest of 2021 if she plays her cards right. I don’t see it for any of the Moonlight tracks.

    An album with over half a dozen solid single options and a two year campaign? We’d love to see it!
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  19. “Cool” had to be a Spring single because of that “I guess we’re ready for the summer” lyric.
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  20. This is the kind of album where the songs (except for the two last tracks) are so good it feels like you've heard them before. I feel like I've known Hallucinate all my life. It sounds like some kind of epic Kylie smash but maybe even better.
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