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Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. #2 - Don't Start Now
    #4 - Levitating
    #6 - New Rules
    #13 - Break My Heart
    #26 - One Kiss
    #38 - We're Good
    #48 - IDGAF
    #54 - Prisoner
    #60 - Physical
    #62 - Electricity
    #63 - Un Dia
    #72 - Blow Your Mind
    #76 - Scared To Be Lonely
    #93 - Kiss & Make Up
    N/A - Be The One
    N/A - Last Dance
    N/A - Hotter Than Hell
    N/A - Lost In Your Light
    N/A - Swan Song
    N/A - My Love
    N/A - No Lie

    People cheering on We're G**d despite its moderate performance relying on piggybacking off of Lev#1tating meanwhile Electricity deserved to be a Top 5 smash and Kiss & Make Up at least Top 20.

  2. This kills the man.

  3. IDGAF felt like a bigger hit at the time than that #48 suggests.
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  4. Physical’s position really hurts...

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  5. “Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition)” becomes the first album to achieve 4 Top 10 US Pop Radio hits in 4 years! (Via @USRadioUpdater)

    1. “Don’t Start Now”
    1. “Break My Heart”
    4. “Levitating”
    10. “We’re Good” https://t.co/SBQ9RLjK0y
  6. We're Good played at my job the other day. I was disgusted.

    But Don't Start Now, Break My Heart and Levitating also play regularly so I guess... that's fine.
  7. These numbers are crazy to me and don't reflect my (American) experience of hearing these songs out. I feel like IDGAF and One Kiss got a lot more radio play than these numbers suggest. Muah used to get played regularly on my pop station too back when they were trying to launch her in 2016.
  8. Of the songs remaining Love Again is the most likely to smash. Arrange a cute feature/duet version and we're good.mp3 to go.
  9. Is this short for Blow Your Mind (Mwah) and Dua? Nn
  10. A hit!
  11. I’m so glad Love Again is getting the single treatment. We’ve been so spoiled with this album. We’ve literally got everything we’ve wanted. When does that EVER happen?
  12. Agreed. Aside from Godllucinate getting.... an animated video. The way us Booty Luv stans lost!
  13. I’ve had a love hate relationship with it, but have generally concluded that We’re Good is an absolute tune. The definition of a grower.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. I just had myself an impromptu living room dance/performance party to tracks 1 through 9. What an album.
  16. tea


    "Love Again" (Spring '21) -> "If It Ain't Me" (Summer/Fall '21) > "Pretty Please" (Winter '21) -> "Cool" (Spring '22)

    Maybe juuust maebe
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  17. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Levitating being the little song that could. We manifested it girls.
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  18. One Kiss not being a #1 in the US is so weird, especially because so many people know it
  19. I don’t like the way some off y’all keep trying to push Cool’s smash single release back an entire summer.

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  20. Because it took Levitating 35 weeks to smash ddd
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